My Instagram page is a scrapbook to me. I am at some point planning on printing off all the photos via one of those amazing websites that puts them all into a collage. I have been through my Instagram and moved things about, re-worded the little ‘slug lines’ and even deleted things. I do love having my photos open to the world, as I often look through other Instagramers sites and recognise similarities, or come up with ideas of cool places I can go and awesome things I can do.

A few years ago I put down my camera and picked up my pen (metaphorically). Moving to London meant that I spent more time sat in an office than walking around a city with a camera. So I decided to start a blog. My love of photography has not died and I often consider picking up my camera and taking my Instagram photos on it, but I much prefer to use my phone.

I think its inspiring to see how creative we can be on our phones as they are a new form of addiction that everyone on this planet will eventually suffer. So why not turn them around to use creatively? That is how my Instagram incorporates into my blog and often than not the photos show a thousand words in themselves and will show you where I get a lot of my inspiration from.

If you have Instagram, please feel free to follow. I would love to see your photos, pages and what you get up too and I can’t do that unless I spot you on my page!