Living like Lucy

I decided to get on with my blog: Living Like Lucy, after a few friends told me to start it properly.

It surprised me that people were enjoying reading my little blogs, my posts on lifestyle and general life! This which warms me as I started blogging because I enjoy writing and it is a way that I can express my creativity without getting chalk and paint everywhere on a daily basis.

What you can expect from my blogimg_7265

  • Advice and lifestyle suggestions
  • Seasonal drinks and recipes
  • Baking and cooking advice and recipes
  • Animals and lots of them
  • Vegan and Vegetarian posts
  • History the arts and antiques
  • Psychology and mental health posts
  • Travelling and exploring the world and England


The above are based on me and my life experiences and things I love and will most likely post about. I will try to keep my blog themed, generally around culture and lifestyle, but at the end of the day, it is my blog and a way for me to connect my artistic and creative self to the world…