Living like Lucy

I decided to get on with my blog: Country Hygge, after I realised writing, event planning and living life are my main passions in life.

As most bloggers will tell you, it surprised me that people were enjoying reading my little blogs, my posts on lifestyle and general life. Knowing people are enjoying my blogs, let alone spend their time reading them warms my heart!

What you can expect from my blogimg_7265

  • Seasonal recipes
  • Baking and cooking tips
  • Shopping tips and where to find trinkets and gems
  • Animals and lots of them
  • Vegan and Vegetarian posts
  • History the arts and antiques
  • Psychology and mental health posts
  • Places to visit in England
  • My ‘top’ ideas and thoughts on hot topics.

The above are based on me and things I will most likely post about, generally around culture and lifestyle! I am your typical British girl, only I have been influenced by the Norwegian ways of life thanks to a beautiful group of friends I met at university!