Advice for writers

Having graduated from university with a MSc (pgd) in Film Studies, I have been taught to write scripts, story tell and rip apart other people’s imaginations and ways of creating. The reason I pushed myself so hard, even battling with anxiety at times, thinking I was not good enough, couldn’t do it and even considered giving up on everything, I battled through. The best advice I have for anyone, doing anything creative is to persevere.

I have dyslexia, I am average when it comes to my grammar and I often misspelt and can’t say certain words, so I decided in my first year to take on an English Literature module, I loved it, I pushed myself and I got a 1st.

The best advice I can give anyone is to start. Nowadays we are lucky to have laptops phones and dictionaries to do the spelling for us. Heck, I even use spellcheck on simple things, as I often mistype words or leave off letters.

To get started, the best thing I can tell you to do is just do it. Jot down ideas on your phone, notepad, hand or even an old receipt. Creativity is often killed by lack of motivation, people telling us that it isn’t a feasible career, or the feeling of not being good enough. We all are, we all have a story. The best thing you can do is to prove them wrong and start creating!