Free from taste you say?

Hi everyone!

My blogs have been a little different the last few weeks, featuring aspects of writing inspiration, pictures about my life as well as updates on my new job and everything which I quite like! It is moulding into a ‘Live a Little Lucy’ which was my radio show at uni for four years of my life and people seemed to enjoy that, so why not keep it up in blog form! 

Anyway, as a lot of you know I’ve had a nightmare with skin, weight loss/gain / ladies issues etc… over the last few years. More recently a really my stomach issues worsened which sent me to hospital. It seems everything is linked together! So yesterday I spent my day off work having needles jabbed in my arms (32 to be exact), blood taken and samples done to figure out what it could be. 

 What can you do?

To help combat this issue my gastroenterologist and endocrinologist have had a meeting and think it could be down to foods I eat causing my hormones to party like it’s the first night of freshers week (which isn’t a good thing). 

I’m now on a diet that restricts me hugely, preventing me from eating dairy, soya, wheat and gluten. I’m vegetarian which again limits what I can and can’t eat again meaning I’m left with only a few main items.

As you can see it’s easier to say what I can eat instead of what I can’t eat, I’m even off rice! The hope is that this diet will clean out my body of refined sugars and ‘crap’ that I’ve pumped it with (bread, lactosefree cheese and cookies) and fill it with healthy things instead. 

I’m on day two now and feel exhausted still, hungry and sick but I’m hoping that as it goes on this will subside. 

In all honesty we forget about our bodies and insides as we don’t often seen them.

Our bodies are incredibly delicate at times and we should treat them better as a nation. For lunch today I’ve had carrots, tomato, mushrooms (all raw) and an apple and orange which has made me feel a little better. I’m going to keep updating my blog every so often about this and recipes I’ve come up with. I suspect after a few weeks of detox I’ll see a change in myself, but right now it’s tough and I need to clear all the toxic crap from my body by doing this plant based diet and I hope I continue it forever.


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