Changing the view of Antiques

This is a short blog to help quick start ideas about Antiques!

Why do people always think of antiques as being dusty, boring old objects? It’s a noun that is thrown about and used in many different ways to explain things we don’t like or want anymore, even used as an adjective to describe people. These are all negative connotations that need to change.

It shocks me that so many people I know just don’t understand antiques and would rather buy items new and often cheaply which sometimes works out being the more expensive option as it doesn’t last as long and it looses its value almost instantly. So, for those of you that don’t know, an antique is something old, historical and that possesses a reminder to the past. The item has to be over 100 years old to be deemed a real antique, so every year that passes an item gets closer to becoming an antique.

Over the last few years I have started to notice that the antiques industry is loosing a lot of interest which makes it a great time to invest and also a great time for me to make it ‘cool’ again!

To get everyone started and acquainted with things I would suggest you take a look at an antiques website. There are thousands of types of antiques, some are Scandinavian, others French, British, Asian and tribal, the list really does go on. The website above will take you to one of the finest antiques stores available online, the company ‘Antique Secrets’ has a huge eclectic mix that will not only teach you something, but show you the diversity and anthropological history associated with antiques!

My next blog is going to focus on where you can see antiques, so museums. I work in one of the worlds largest and most famous museums which is rammed pack with some of the most expensive and beautiful antiques known, The Victoria and Albert Museum. My next blog is going to focus on some of the wonders of this museum and teach you how you can find your own antiques!




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