Lucy’s smart casual autumnal wear!

It’s always that age old question that everyone wants an answer to… What do you wear to work and what do you wear at home? What do you wear to a wedding, a party or out for dinner with family / friends? It’s quite obviously going to be different so why do we use this frustrating term of ‘smart casual’.

If you work in banking or a super corporate environment there’s an unwritten rule you should be suited and booted wearing a dress and heels or something equally as glamorous, but there’s no rule for people like me who work in a museum and are told ‘art casual’. What even is smart casual! I’m still unsure to this day after having heard that term flung about on party invites, weddings and all manor of palace, but it clearly means something different depending on where you go!

So, I’ve decided to put together my own ideas about what I would wear to events and why. I find myself gritting my teeth at the mention of ‘smart casual’. I’d much rather be told ‘smart OR casual’. There isn’t really an in between. Flip flops and suits just need to stop, it isn’t smart it’s casual and it’s quite frankly ridiculous! 

So enough with this I say! Here are my top tips and key ideas for dressing properly this autumn!


At work I find the best combo is going to be something a little more ‘schooly’. Working in a museum means I’m not expected to dress like a banker, but more like an academic. Because of this I’ve taken inspiration from my days in Oxford and come up with two alternative styles that are what I call ‘comfortably-smart’. You can wear them at work, yet still kick your shoes off when you’re home and jump under a blanket without feeling restricted. 

Out with friends 

This is similar to work in the sense of it should be comfortable. I don’t believe that we should ever wear clothes we don’t feel happy in, so throw them out if you own any!

It’s no secret that I LOVE leggings, but girls please remember they aren’t trousers…! 


I’m not even going to pretend I wear clothes at home! That would be a damn right lie! As soon as that front doors shut I’m in my pyjamas or what I term ‘lounge about’ clothes in a flash! My lounge clothes usually involve a sports bra oversized jumper and jersey bottoms, occasionally I will opt for a baggy oversized t shirt and dressing gown, but I’m always accompanying this with slippers or bedsocks!

All photos are from Pinterest and can be found on my boards if interested! X


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