Hamsters are the best pet

I have had hamsters ever since I can remember! 

I’m one of those people who needs a pet around! Since moving to London I’ve found one of the best escapes from the busy city is a cuddle with a dog, a stroll in the park playing fetch or sitting at home with my little Walter running over my shoulders or spinning in his ball. 

Living in a flat on the top floor of a London town house isn’t the most practical place to keep a dog, especially since I don’t have a balcony in my current flat! It’s just that little bit too small for a house cat, and quite frankly I’m not home often enough to give one the attention it needs. 

Spending time with dogs is proven to be beneficial for stress, relaxation and fun! They’re a great companion for those of us who like to vent or talk without someone replying, just listening. The best thing is you get a cuddle regardless of your mood so if you’ve got the space and time I’d say get a dog!

For me, Walter is like a mini dog who doesn’t need waking (unless you count his ball). He cuddles, protests when I kiss him and comes up to the front of his house whenever I have food, pretty dog like eh? The best thing is, I can go away for a night (or two at a push), and he’s completely fine being left alone! Any longer and I carry him in his travel bag…

When I’m st work, I’m safe in the knowledge that my flat isn’t being destroyed, his fast asleep except for the occasional drink or nibble and he’ll poke his head out his little house as soon as I get home to say hello! 

Walter, unlike my previous little friend Humphrey, isn’t particularly clever. He needs a bit more supervision as Humphrey was unusually smart and would just sit on my knee or go to sleep under my chin. He’d also never try to jump off the sofa, but Walter has a bit more adventure in him and would rather find out how dusty the underneath of my sofa is than cuddle. On the other hand, he likes to sit in my apron and watch me cook, occasionally trying to jump into the cooking and eat it himself, but he’s very fun and keeps me happy when I get home from a busy workday.

If you’re stressed and fancy a laugh just give a hamster a Brazil nut and watch them carry it with their head up, or put it in their pouch! It’s brilliant.

Another perk is weekends and evenings, I don’t have to feel completely alone or anti-social… I have someone (a hamster yes…) to talk too, if Jon isn’t home. Or failing that, if he’s sleeping, I can always annoy my neighbour Polly. 

These are the perks of having a hamster! They’re fun, cuddly and little as well as being self sufficient for the most part. So all in all, if you love animals like me and don’t have space for a dog – get a hamster, you can rescue them or adopt them from most pet stores.


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