6am Saturday morning 

I was up bright and early this morning ready to start the day (in actual fact I just needed a pee and decided to stay up)! 

Leaving Jon asleep I popped out to Tesco and got us some yummy pastries and juice for breakfast. I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was this morning. The sky was a deep ocean blue. That kind of blue you usually only see abroad or flying high up in a plane. 

When I got home I baked the pastries and poured the juice and made some tea. As the pastries began to fill the room with a sweet homely scent, Walter our little hamster got up sniffing the air and I watched as he checked every area of his house for treats, probably hoping I’d given in and left a croissant there for him. 

After breakfast I retreated to the sofa with a blanket and jasmine tea, feeling sleepy and relaxed as if I could happily sink into a fluffy world of pillows and warmth just to fall asleep again. I wonder what you did this morning? What everyone else is doing. I walked past a few people on my way to Tesco and wondered where they were going, maybe they got up just as early as I did and were doing the exact same thing! I even saw some girls dressed up as comicbook characters, noticing all the effort they had gone too and how little I had since I’d basically changed into my gym kit grabbed a pashmina and gone out!


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