Inspired by history? 

I find a lot of my inspiration for writing and story telling comes from not only daily experiences and people I meet but from my surroundings also.

Recently I went into a charity shop on Kensington High Street and bought myself the most beautiful vintage purse. Just looking at the purse makes me imagine the lady who owned it. The parties she went too, the people who admired it and the secrets it could tell. I also wonder what she put in it and if she loved it as much as I did when first seeing it. 

I often think how funny it must be for J.K. Rowling, writing a story age 28 as a single mother with no idea that her future would see her one of the most talked about and famous authors of all time. We never grow tired of her stories creating new films and books as spin offs, theme parks and studios to explore the magical world. I wonder what was the first point of her career, was it the first idea she had, the moment she told herself to write, the first book she sold or maybe when the film got created! 

For me it’s getting started that I struggle with, I think once I’ve written three chapters I’ll feel as if I’ve got to a point of achievement.


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