What happened to being selfless? 

This topic is something I’ve been thinking about for sometime. It relates to every single person including myself. Why do we all do things that upset other people, animals or even ourselves at times but on purpose?

I am not talking about those inevitable disagreements we have, where I think it’s better to be vegetarian and you to consume animals. Or saying no to the big issue seller, because we simply can’t afford to get one every day! I’m talking about the jobs we have created for ourselves as humans, those spiteful little things we say and do, or perhaps even knowingly do something without caring about the consequence upon those we love around us.

This post came about as I’ve been thinking of characters, people and friends and family, we have all played victim to a spiteful word or thought and even action. But why?

Another thing that I have come to notice is the horrific boredom most of the people I know get out of their jobs. They’re relieved when the weekend comes around and crying by Sunday night. Why do we put ourselves through these things? It’s unkind to ourselves and our behaviour created from the feeling of negativity is then felt by all of those around us like a magnetic force sucking the life from our souls.

Take charge, look for the positive, say happy and positive things about your day at work, laugh, be cheeky and smile! If you don’t love what you do, find something else, if someone around you is selfish all the time, make new friends! 

Be braver!

Smile at the world, accept that there are people out there who do nasty things and we can’t always change what they do, but we can change how we respond! If someone you know is unhappy or negative, talk to them. Tell them how you’re feeling and be kind about it. If they don’t understand walk away!

Kindness, self love and caring is an enormous power in this world – one we are starting to loose touch with. I vote we stop voting for corruption and ignorance and vote for humanity and peace.


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