Historical sites

Somewhere a lot of people forget to visit is Avebury! It’s one of the most beautiful historical sites in the whole of the UK and yet, people flock to Stonehenge instead! 

This baffles me, I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful and fascinating place, but my little village is something quite spectacular! The one difference and possibly reason why Stonehenge is more desirable is beside of the sheer size and ability it would have taken to move the stones, let alone put them on top of one another! 

There are so many wonderful places in the UK to visit, so don’t limit yourself, try finding the hidden gems, treasures and undiscovered wonders of this pretty country. Here are a few places I’ve been too recently that, if you’re planning a trip I suggest you visit! 

Wetlands near Hammersmith
Martha and I exploring the coast!
The coast of England, Old Harry’s!
Avebury Stone circle
Avebury, the rooted tree!


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