Recipe: coconut vegan bites

To help with my weight loss and fitness, as well as my crave to bake and make things almost daily my mum and I came up with these little yummies! They were actually inspired by Delciously Ella’s energy balls, only ours are tons cheaper and yummier than ever’ we used dates from a huge pack that we got wholesale at the market! You don’t need medjooil dates everytime! They’re expensive and I personally think, best eaten alone. 

You will need:

  1. Food processor
  2. Dates (no stone)
  3. Dried fruit (we use our dehydrator. Blueberries / strawberries / apple / pineapple
  4. Coconut powder / flour

To make:

  1. Dry out the fruit on a dehydrator till it’s almost hard but still a tiny bit soft.
  2. Put to one side to rest and cool
  3. Mix a handful of dates in a food processor (they’ll sound loud and vicious!)
  4. Add the fruit to the date mix 
  5. At this point it should be sticky and dough like… if not add a bit of water
  6. Kneed to a dough
  7. Separate into small balls
  8. Roll into the coconut flower
  9. Eat!

It’s just that simple! So simple in fact that you only need telling once! You’ll be making these in no time!

Tip: If you don’t have a dehydrator then use the oven to slowly heat the fruit and remove moisture! I hate oil so never use oil on these! It gives them the worst flavour and after taste!

 They’re so yummy even Henry my nine month old puppy wants them!


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