Potatoes and I have had an on off relationship for years now! I’ve always stated to my mum that potatoes give me horrific stomach pains and quite a nasty blood and build up of gas in my stomach that makes me sluggish and uncomfortable.

I don’t eat them if I can help it and often avoid chips when I go out to eat, opting for my favourite sweet potato fries instead! Last night my family and I sat down to our roast dinner of potatoes / Yorkshire puddings / vegan burgers and vegetables! It was delicious! But what I couldn’t shift was the starch gripping to my teeth and the slow feeling of gas building up in my tummy like a hot air balloon. 

Now it doesn’t have to be said, but a female having gas is most unattractive and quite often the most embarrassing thing in the world when you know you have to hold it in! But in this situation, I was in agony.

I mentioned to my Mum (background in medicine) about this again and actually told her about it seriously! She told me she wasn’t surprised as my Dad had similar symptoms after eating potatoes and had done for years… (My dad’s the one who passed on the lactose intolerance on to me, it’s hereditary and can skip a generation). 

I wanted to share this with everyone just so you know you’re not alone and you’re not weird for thinking or feeling something. If your gut (in this case literally) is telling you something my advice is to listen! You know your own body better than anyone and thus, I’m removing white potato from my diet from now on. Completely! I doubt I’ll miss them to be honest as they really do annoy me. The best thing is just to listen to your body and decide if it’s right or wrong!


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