Ups and Downs

So far I am doing so well with this whole new ‘eating healthily’ and trying my best to keep up the exercise and I really mean that… I’m trying my best.

It should be easy to just cut something out and replace it with something else right? You just don’t eat the other thing and then eat the new thing (or something like that)?

No, I have fallen off the waggon once or twice over the last week and it has upset me, made me feel sick (physically) and made me feel fat and like I should just give up on everything and be a fat slob who sits on the sofa moaning about how unfair the world is.

So what have I been binging on? 

Weird things actually… one of which is icing sugar and cake batter. I just whip up these quickly in a mug and sit there crying to myself about how life is so hard eating it with a spoon (hypothetically speaking). After I finish a spoonful or two I feel physically sick but I haven’t let myself be sick, just to remind myself how it feels when I fall off the wagon a bit.

I know some people like Deliciously Ella discourage you from counting calories. But I disagree with her on this hugely. Just because something is healthy doesn’t mean it is ok to eat lots of it. It means it is good for us in moderation and I need to track this and moderate my eating habits.

Yesterday (and the day before that) I did quite well…. I had two spoonfuls of cake batter and a bit of icing sugar and that was literally it when it comes to remind sugars and things that aren’t good for us. Otherwise I ate fruit / bulgar / veggies and a bit of tofu (oh and a little bit of bread but nothing to worry about).

I just wanted to write this blog so you all know that I am human and not some magical person who will loose 4 stone (56 pounds) and stay healthy forever. This is a hard mountain to climb and sometimes I am going to stop and rest for a moment and feel like turning around to go back to the comfort I once knew. But that just isn’t me. I am determined to succeed on this even if it takes until Christmas 2017.

Something else that I want to rant about quickly is the fact people post status on social media moaning about their bodies / foodie habits but seldom do anything about it. People stop doing this. It isn’t healthy for you, me or anyone else… I know you’re probably doing it to make yourself feel better and laugh at the situation at hand, but it just doesn’t do us any favours. Keep a positive mind and walk more, stand more, eat less and drink water! Thats what I do!

Anyway, just wanted to post this to remind everyone it isn’t easy but it will be in a few weeks time once I get into the swing of things and slowly but surely stop craving terrible sugary badness.



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