Lucy’s 5 minute dinner

I’m so far enjoying being healthier and trying to shift the wobble I’ve got going on round my front as well as trying to heal my tummy from the problems I have with it. Doing this has given me the opportunity to try new fun ingredients as well as cook with things I never thought I’d eat, let alone have in my kitchen!

Last night I cooked with bulgar wheat for the first time in my entire life and I’m completely in love with it!

It was 20:30 and I hadn’t eaten dinner yet so decided to whip up something quick with the ingredients I had in my cupboards.  I don’t usually like to eat late like this, but Jon and I were up working late and became memorised by a game of Lego chess (such a nerd).

So guys… This meal is entirely vegan and comes in under 250 calories. It also completely filled me up! 

I made it up as I went and honestly felt as creative and awesome as Deliciously Ella probably does on a daily basis so I wanted to show it off and give you all something to try! 

I call this meal…

Tofu and bulgar wheat salad (for short: YUM)

To start with I used the ingredients below that I had left in my fridge. I didn’t use everything I had, I just selected a few staple items that I love!


  1. Avocado 
  2. Cucumber 
  3. 1/2 yellow Pepper 
  4. Two tomatoes 
  5. Tender baby leaf salad

I chopped all these up and tossed them in some salt, pepper and onion seeds.
Hot food

  1.  I fried the tofu in some seasoning I have from china (completely vegan). Top tip for tofu: make sure your pan is very hot! You want to hear the tofu sizzle when you drop it in the pan. I do love tofu… yummy!
  2. I put 100g of bulgar wheat into a pan with some vegan stock (only a pinch), rinsed it off a couple of times and then left it on the hob with about 2cm of water above the bulgar wheat line.

After all this was done I simply put it all together in a bowl and ate it far too quickly because it was so scrummy!!If you have any awesome recipes like this or tried this please let me know! I love hearing from you all. X


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