The British are like moths

When the sun comes out we all go out and bask in its glory! If we are stuck in work or inside we feel like we are missing out on life and fun. I don’t know if this is because we don’t get much sun or see the blue skies much, but it’s completely true! 

I find sitting in the sun or walking around in it during the day gives me the ability to smile / laugh and enjoy life more. Vitamin D is super important and I make sure, (even at lunchtime during the week) I go outside at least once a day. 

Hyde park yesterday.

My favourite time of year is when the trees change. Spring and Autumn. The two are contrasting and beautiful, giving us some of the most romantic and spectacular colours of nature. I love going and sitting in a field in the middle of nowhere surrounded by the gentle breeze and tweeting of birds! That’s my favourite place to be when I’m stressed or want to relax! In London I tend to go to the nearest parks. For me that’s Holland Park or Hyde Park. I find a quiet spot and sit with a book or my tablet (usually blogging) and people watch! 

What do you do when the sun comes out?


One thought on “The British are like moths

  1. You’re so right, it has been lovely here today and so we’ve been in the garden most of the day. I love the sun it instantly brightens my mood.

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