Day one: getting fit!

I’ve decided to take this fitness lark seriously, do it properly and not mess about giving myself treats or making excuses for the copious amounts of medication I’m taking for everything imaginable! 

This morning started with a bowl of special K plain 30g plus lactose free milk and a cup of tea. I’m now sat in the doctors waiting for a blood test to check everything under the sun to make sure that there isn’t an underlying medical reason to the drastic weight gain. 

The rest of today is going to consist of enjoying the beautiful sun, walking about London and enjoying the warm weather as much as possible. 

One of the hardest things for me is stopping binge eating… I’m hoping documenting my struggles and triumphs on my blog will not only help me do this, (because you’ll all expect it) but also help others in a similar situation. I’m also using FitBit to help calculate my yoga / running / walking and most importantly food.

My favourite foodies that I’m following at the moment to help me along with ideas are Deliciously Ella and Madeleine Shaw (latter reccomended by my GP). 

Lunch today

Another aspect of my eating healthy is to ensure I’m getting the correct vitamins and minerals because I’m vegetarian. I have been eating badly so that means I’m not getting the right health benefits of food… So today is another focus on that and to ensure I do well! 
On a totally unrelated point, I came across some free books someone had left out on their wall on my way back from the doctors! How cute is that?

Have a lovely sunny day if you’re in the UK and a wonderful one to everyone else! X


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