I know I’m fat

Over the last four months I’ve somehow put on almost five stone in weight! I don’t think I look particularly obese, but I certainly am when I hit those scales! 

I’ve had a lot of horrible medicines since August last year. Roaccutane and a few others I’m not confident enough to mention right now. In December I had a coil fitted which I was hoping would answer my prayers and stop horrific periods and agonising days in bed! Well, it actually did, but recently I’ve found that my coils dropped and I’ve got to have a scan to make sure it’s not moved too much and potentially have it re-done! On top of that the doctors are sending me for copious amounts of blood tests to see why I’ve gained so much weight. It honestly isn’t normal to gain so much in such a short space of time unless I’ve got a hormone / thyroid problem. 

“I’m literally broken! Why can’t I be a lego character and swap a few bits for new ones? I mean those little yellow guys have it easy!” Me on a daily basis…

So what am I doing? I walk over 10,000 steps a day so surely the weight should just drop off? No. Only 5/10% of exercise goes towards weight loss! The best way to loose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle is 90% of what you eat. Yesterday I looked at what I’d eaten in the day (regslrdess of hitting 12,000 steps) and found I’d over eaten by 1,400 calories!? So maybe it’s no wonder I’ve gotten fat, perhaps it’s a mixture of a medical problem and the fact I’m a gluttonous pig? Who knows!

So anyway I’ve decided to do something about it. I’m going to deflect by 1,000 calories a day and run / yoga every week (at least twice). If I keep this up I’ll be back to my healthy size 10 by December! Can I just advise everyone, I’ve sat down with a doctor and gone through this so I know it’s acceptable and a healthy way to be. I’m hoping this will work for me but it might not for you! 

So my top ten requirements for shifting my fat…

  1. Don’t binge eat! 
  2. Count everything I eat and record it on Fitbit / fitness pal
  3. Run / yoga every week
  4. Say no to cakes / biscuits / bread and refined sugar! 
  5. Be confident! It will drop and I will get fitter
  6. Listen to my body
  7. Be patient. This won’t happen over night!
  8. Learn to love quinoa / buckwheat and lentils more!
  9. Stay under 1,400 calories a day!
  10. Feel hungry… when was the last time I felt hungry? Or you for that matter? I don’t remember!

So all of that seems super simple and easy right? I doubt it… so far today I’ve had a slice of toast for breakfast and mini quiche for lunch and am now only left with 500 calories for the day! That’s dinner and I’m done! I guess if I want to get fitter and feel comfortable then it’s the best way to do so! I’m also hoping that it will make me feel prettier and more confident in myself! 

A few things I’ve noticed since being over weight…

  1. My legs rub when I walk and it hurts…
  2. I have back fat! Seriously it’s horrible! 
  3. I feel heavy when I lift my legs or plank! 
  4. My face looks like the moon!
  5. I’ve got stretch marks all over my body…
  6. None of my clothes fit. So I live in leggings. This isn’t funny.
  7.  I feel hopeless and feel like I won’t shift it.
  8. I feel invisible or like everyone’s laughing at my fat
  9. My arms are squishy!
  10. My skins getting bad again.

These things are in no way shape or form good for my mental state and as such I now feel less confident and happy than I did before getting fat. This is personal to me and how I feel. I think it’s incredibly important to feel comfortable and confident in your skin and know when you’re you and when you are not!

This is a picture I have on Pinterest to help me remember that it is possible and I will do it! I wanted to post this blog just to show people I am only human and we have all got our internal struggles and challenges in life, but they can be achieved!


6 thoughts on “I know I’m fat

  1. I was linked to this by someone sharing it from Facebook. I am a fitness instructor and genuinely want to help people.

    By the sounds of it, your weight issue is due to excess calories. I order to drop a decent amount of weight a week you need to be in a Calorie deficit of around 300-500 a day. Things like quiche etc, is chocked full of calories and an unnecessary amount of saturated fat (which is fine in moderation), and I bet you don’t feel as full as you would like to be an hour or two later.

    What I suggest is you google to find out your BMR (basal metabolic rate) in order to find out how many calories you burn simply by living, followed by a TDEE (total fail energy expenditure) calculator. 10,000 steps a day is a very good effort, and would class you as Active if not very active. Feel free to DM my Instagram (pintsandpushups) for any free advice.

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    • Thank you for your message! That’s genuinely so kind of you! It’s true you just don’t feel full, but it’s also a case of binge eating etc and breaking that habit! I’ll be sure to check out your Instagram! Thank you. X


      • I actually forgot to post my “main” advice which is to perhaps download myfitnesspal, an app (it’s free) that allows you to track your calories and automatically adjusts them in order for you to enter a calorie deficit.

        As for binge eating, a lot of it is psychological however until finding a way to combat it mentally, there are foods that are more satiating than others, or atleast high in volume yet low in calorie. For example, if I was planning on having a huge dinner later on in the day (or any other high calorie food for that matter) then I could load up on vegetables, or high protein food (when I first starting dropping weight, I would drink a protein shake between meals). Google/research high satiating foods to see if there is anything on the list you would enjoy, or atleast try. Sometimes it’s trial
        And error. Cartergood and avatarnutrition on Instagram (sorry, most of my social media revolves around Instagram) are two fantastic people who put up very intriguing nutritional advice, along with tips on avoiding calorie pitfalls (AKA high calorific foods being marketed as “healthy”)

        But anyhow as mentioned above, myfitnesspal is one of the most popular and easy-to-use apps in the fitness industry.

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      • I’m using FitBit which I find easier to use as it does pretty much the same stuff! I sat down last night for a good few hours looking into setting it properly and ensuring it was all correct. Day one is upon me! Thank you for the support.


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