Phones are becoming our Dæmons. 

For those of you reading this who don’t know Philip Pullman, he’s an author who wrote Northern Lights that was recently made into a film called The Golden Compass. 

All the characters in the world he has created have an animal ‘friend’ / which is a physical manifestion of their inner being, soul and spirit. One of the drawbacks to this is that the animal can never be within a certain distance from you, or you both start to get ill an die. It’s as though your heart is being ripped from your chest and you have to get back to each other to make the pain go away.Over the last few years living in London, I’ve noticed so many people spend so much of their time on phones, even when walking down busy streets! I find this pretty crazy and it infuriates me in a lot of ways as it’s really quite rude! I’ve been in a situation on more than one occasion where the people I’m with would rather stair into a screen, than engage in conversation with me and I know I’m probably guilty of this at times too. 

Another thing I’ve noticed is how unbelievably protective people are of their phones! To the extent where it’s obsessive and a bit crazy. Now I’m the type of person who doesn’t have a password and has nothing exciting floating about on my phone, texts / photos / apps you’re welcome to go through them, they aren’t very exciting. But, I have found some people are obsessively addicted and won’t even let someone else hold their phone, let alone flick through a few holiday snaps. 

Now to me, this is ridiculous and quite possessive. It has always made me think that person has something to hide and is an untrustworthy character much like the way some of the characters in Northern Lights behave. It’s an unwritten rule that you must not touch someone else’s  Dæmon, and that’s exactly how it has gotten with phones! Quite honestly it’s ridiculous. 

Jon and I are (and always have been) really relaxed with our phones, we both use each other’s for different things and trust each other implicitly, which is pretty awesome! I know some people who have checked their partners phones as they aren’t allowed on them, or near them unless they are being supervised… I mean come on! 

So that led me to thinking, many people act as though not having their phone on them or giving it to someone else is one of the most terrible things in the world and I think everyone needs to step back and relax! If you’re acting like that, why? What do you have on your phone you’re hiding from the world and don’t want them to see? Perhaps you should do what I do, turn your phone off or leave it in another room for an hour or two every day… give yourself time to watch a TV show without texting, read a book without stopping or bake a cake without worrying someone might call! 

Our phones are not part of us and we shouldn’t let them become part of us. We are humans and it’s important for us to remember that technology can be an addiction and we should limit ourselves. 


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