Primrose Bakery

It’s almost March, where has this year gone, things always go so fast when I need a moment to breathe…

I had a pretty lovely weekend meeting an old friend of mine from school for coffee and a cupcake. It was super fun to see her and catch up on our lives over the last ten years, and quite unexpected if I do say so. We had recently found out (via Instagram) that we lived within walking distance from each other and had done for well over a year!

One of favourite things in the world is going on coffee dates and exploring new and unique little cafés around the world (let’s call it, an unofficial hobby of mine), so this was pretty ideal. It gave us something to enjoy whilst we updated each other on the last ten (yes ten) years of our lives. What surprised me most of all, is I can count the interesting (to me) parts of those ten years on one hand – the rest don’t seem to be as exciting as I had first thought… Or perhaps I am just a little too modest at times?

Anyway on to the good stuff… The Bakery!

I came across this on the Bakery’s website! It was fate!

When planning to meet up this weekend my friend had suggested we went to Primrose Bakery on Kensington High Street. I didn’t have an idea of what to expect as it isn’t often you come across a cake shop or bakery that feels cosy, cuddly and unique! Well, what a surprise I was in for! It was beautiful. Not only did the shop have the cutest name (fun fact: named after Primrose Hill in London), but it also had the most adorable selection of cupcakes known to man (and woman). As silly as it sounds, cupcakes and baking are two things that automatically lift my spirits no matter my mood, and these, well! I could have floated off the ground they were so sumptuous! 

As I ran a bit late to coffee my friend sent me a photo of the cakes and asked me what I would like and she ordered for me. I went for a soya Cappuccino and the rose petal cupcake. My only criticism of the cupcake was there just wasn’t enough of it and by gosh did it leave me wanting more.

Whilst sitting in the cafe catching up on the last ten years, it felt like we were back in the countryside. I felt comfortable and relaxed which made it the perfect setting for a coffee date or cosy place to sit and read a book. The girls working there were adorable too, so friendly and kind!

dsc_0275_webAs a keen baker myself, it very rare for me to say this – but that cupcake was one of the best cupcakes I have ever had and I won’t be forgetting it in a long time. It was soft and fluffy, with a light touch of rose to it and rose. petals to garland the top!  so lovely in fact that I named it the pink butterfly fairy cake after my first bite!

This bakery literally has it down to every little detail. It’s as if they have reached into the mind of a little girl dazzled by cakes, beauty and stereotypically girly things, waved a magical wand and created the prettiest little bakery I have been too.

One of the Bakery’s in London
Now, I may have found myself a new hobby which involves running around the country looking for the cutest and most adorable little bakery and cupcake cafés that I can find! 

Finally, it must be said, anyone who now wishes to visit me will be subject to a brisk (and I mean run) walk towards to bakery where, I will promise the indulgence of coffee and cake to enjoy! Need less to say, I will be back very soon. 


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