Hiking in the alps 

It’s freezing today and the sky is beautiful and blue! Everyone else has run up the slopes to ski / snowboard, but today, due to my cold / head injury from the other day I decided to go on a hike to risk anymore injury this trip! 

I planned a trip starting at 9am, and I’ve just finished it at 12:15 now! It was wonderful and so peaceful! Probably my favourite part of this trip so far, which is funny as I did it all on my own!

This reminds me of Narnia!

I think, living in London, or any big city for that matter, you can get quite overwhelmed and bogged down being around people all the time and not having a moment to yourself. I’ve had a lot going on the last few months which has been hectic and I’ve hardly had a moment to myself (literally just me). So this is something I most certainly needed and it’s been wonderful! I hiked up to Caumasee and walked up the path, and then ventured off into some wonderful snowy terrain! In total I walked over 6 miles up the mountains and through the forests, exploring lots of little paths and venturing off down tracks that looked exciting. Here are a few photos of my hike:I’ve just gone to the most adorable little cafe and got myself a cola and palmier, so decided to post on my blog! 
Last night we all had some yummy food (mine was all veggies and a bit of bread), and then went out to a very sparkly wine bar for a cocktail!
Isn’t that the most amazing avocado you’ve ever seen?
Anyway! I think that’s it from me for now, I believe we may be going sleding tomorrow which should be fun, and tonight we have a dinner planned somewhere in the town! I’m going to head back to the chalet and shower! 


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