The slopes defeated me!

Today I got defeated. After yesterday when I fell down the slope at like a million miles an hour and rolled and hit my head I just got a bit shaken today. My ankles and body is also incredibly tense and not use to the exercise as I’ve done literally none since last July as I was on roaccutane! 

I’m now currently sat in a beautiful little restaurant high up in the mountains looking out over the rainy snowy foggy landscape! It’s beautiful. I’ve got my drink to help cool me down too! Totally getting my apre ski on now, who cares that I only had an hours lesson… my legs and neck just couldn’t do it. No matter how hard I tried… I’m sure my friends think I’m a pussy but I do know my limits and I’ve already pushed myself as far as I could today! I’m just glad I managed to get up and do a bit this morning! I’m feeling proud and like I achieved something difficult, even though I wish I could have gone on. 

So, I’m not sure what the plan is for the rest of the day. I’m just chilling here, which is great. I might sit outside in a bit, although it’s pouring it down now… so maybe not! But one thing I’m sure of, is that I will be exercising and pushing my body a lot more when I’m back in London, even if it means 7am runs before work! I’m excited to see how Michael and the others got on today. He was so much more improved and doing so well! Damn him and his stronger legs haha. 
So, one thing I can it get over is the beautiful views. Switzerland is stunning. I mean literally beyond beautiful… I’m hoping the guys will be up for some drinks and fun later, that doesn’t involve me falling over! I might coax Michael into going for a walk whilst the others ski. But for now, I am the table saver and resting up because I’ve exhausted my body and met my limit. Haha such a pussy eh?


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