London -Switzerland 

Upon arriving at the airport, I received a text notifying me that my flight had been cancelled! Micheal my friend coming along with me was sat opposite me and looked at me in shock! He hadn’t had the same message and we at first thought it was an error.

 Our other friends and the professional skiing group coming with us, Nathalie, Mikey and Emily also hadn’t had the text so as soon as I told them, Nati was on the phone sorting it out! Anyway, in typical Blackall style, we ended up getting on an earlier flight and therefore would be arriving in Zurich at around 21:15. So, with less than twenty minutes until our flight, Micheal and I went to find the others, then we all went to get some dinner. After much debate about the horrific selection WHSmiths offered, we went to Leon. As I took the last bite of my wrap, I somehow dropped a splodge of tomato on my top from my veggie wrap, oh and I’m wearing white! Suppose it was going surprisingly smoothly… ha!

Would you believe that my luck continued? I not only was moved to an earlier flight, but also ended up getting emergency exit seats by the window. Two to myself! RESULT!! 

So I should probably introduce my friends to you, and explain why Jon isn’t with me (which makes me sad). 

Back when I was a happy student and life was easy and I had lots of free time and money, I met Nathalie and Michael. 

Michael and I lived together in my last year of university (my masters) and became really good friends due to our similar sense of humour, and love of saffron, funny jokes and cocktails! 

Nathalie I met whilst in my third year. She randomly showed up in my flat with a bead making kit and asked if I wanted to join in, and because it was uni I didn’t bat an eyelid at this eccentric girl who wondered into my flat! We’ve now been uni besties ever since! The other two are Nathalie’s fiancée Mikey and Emily his friend. Both who are very nice too! I’ve known Mikey for a few years now, and first met him when I rushed Nati to hospital with meningitis…! After their second date. He has been great to her since and I think he’s a really lucky guy. Emily, I just met and so far she’s a really sweet nice girl with a fantastic sense of humour and works at Aston Martin sewing the interiors! How awesome is that? So I’m super sad my best friend and boyfriend isn’t here… But the trip was booked spontaneously and at the last minute, and Nathalie said there wasn’t any room for him to come :-(. Because Jon had been to Serbia only a few months previously to see friends, we decided it was a good opportunity for me to learn a new skill and have my own little trip too before we became inseparable. I do miss him a lot and he’s at our home in London looking after Walter and eating cookies I made him shortly before leaving. 


I’m now in Flim tucked up in bed! The guys are all around me as we are in Nathalie’s cute little ski home. So it’s pretty cosy, but we are all good friends. Anyway, I’m off to the land of nod now! I’ll update you on tomorrow’s antics, if I make it safely off the slopes! 


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