Day Two!

Today was my first proper go at skiing. Not only have I discovered I’m incredibly unfit (and fat as I broke my trousers). But I’m also clumsy, as well as adventurous and proud of my efforts today!

This is me with my skis, poles and gear, going back down after a good three hours on the baby slopes learning with Nathalie (who was teaching me) and Michael. At first I was scared and unsure how it would pan out. I’m clumsy and usually unlucky at the best of times, so I genuinely went with the expectation of  breaking my wrist or something! 

The first (and most difficult thing, that no one ever bloody tells you) is how to get up after falling over! I swear, what is with that? I kept sliding off all over the place on my arse, laughing hysterically and unable to stand due to lack of muscle strength in my upper thighs, and the fact I just couldn’t do it without slipping everywhere! That’s one thing I want to master, as it seems like an important skill for me to learn. 

After I managed to stand and slide about (unintentionally) for a few minutes I headed on down the baby slope in a V shape. My skis by this point were not doing what I wanted and often ended up parallel which meant I went very fast… I managed to do a few turns and ski for at least a few minutes before stopping (or in my case just falling to the floor, one time which I hit my head a bit). So I have to say I’m really proud of myself. 

After taking an hour getting to the bottom of this tiny baby slope I got this weird machine that pulls you up by holding it between your legs. It was fun and I only fell over on it once when I tried to sit! So that isn’t bad going. Anyway, we stopped for a cola and some water on Nati which was really kind and I sat feeling soaked through as I’d split my trousers and fallen with my coat riding up, so my knickers, bra (everywhere in fact) were soaked through cold, which was rather amusing really.

Standing at the top, I couldn’t believe the view I was seeing.
I’d never seen anything quite so beautiful in my life. The sky, trees, mountains… That caused the change in my mind,  that moment created the one challenge that I needed to overcome, weight! I told myself I had to improve fitness and get to a point where I could hike and climb and absail mountains. If there’s one thing I’m not bad at, it’s rock climbing (or at least before roaccutane, when I was thin and fitter). I really think this is a good ambition to have, even though it’s hard and I’ve been of a negative mindset about myself a lot… it just stuck with me and told me I can improve, I can get physically fit. I don’t want to be super thin, but a comfortable proportionate size with a toned body, sounds like a doable goal (my mums done it)!

After drinks and my life changing experience, looking out over the mountains we went back to the baby slopes and defeated those within about thirty minutes. Super proud with myself, even though I fell over more often than not! We made our way to a larger slope to go for lunch… I wasn’t so sure about this and felt out of my depth, but Nathalie insisted I would be fine, even though I could barely stay upright yet. It turned out this wasn’t the best idea, and I’m so grateful for the helmet… or I’d have probably cracked my skull open! I ended up skiing down the slopes (by mistake) at a whooping speed whilst Nathalie helped Michael, which resulted in me going forwards and sideways and then forwards, landing on my head three times at a bounce which shook me up a bit. A lovely lady stopped with little English to ask how I was, and helped me get my skis together and back on. I then stupidly, carried on – until I decided it was dangerous as my head was dizzy and I felt sick suddenly so off came the skis and I walked to the next stop for lunch. It was quite apparent by this point I’d given myself concussion, and I would not be skiing again for the rest of the day.​

Now, I’m back at the chalet showered, changed and cosy on my bed resting (blogging). The other guys went out sleding and I’ve just been sat here feeling pretty rough and a bit fidgety and agitated at the neck pain I have, as it’s meant i’ve (intelligently) stayed out of night time sledging, just incase I hit my head again! 


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