Sitting on a train

I’m currently sitting on a train going back to the countryside with Jon. I’ve spent the last quarter of an hour taking ridiculous snapchats which he clearly tollorates (and loves as he often gets really into the silly ones). I just wanted to give out a bit of advice to people, those of you who go through hard times, bad relationships, illness, money trouble or whatever it may be… There is a rainbow coming after your storm and it will be beautiful! 

Jon and I have (as I mentioned in my blog this morning) come up with a few hobbies to do over the next two years, and things we want to achieve in life. 

 This year our goals are:

  1. To get fit – we are making sure we walk 10k + a day, evenings and weekends.
  2. Save up money for next years travels
  3. Go away for a spa weekend (this was my Christmas gift, but I’ve convinced Jon we’re going to do it later on in the year) 
  4. Explore places in London we haven’t been before
  5. Go on dates more often, spend more time just us!
  6. Get me back on track… to help me in life and career.
  7. Jon will get a new job
  8. Watch the movies Jon’s got on a list for me to see.
  9. Cook healthy food from Deliciously Ella’s amazing book as much as possible.
  10. Smile and have the best year of many to come!

You can probably tell by now I love lists. They help me organise things, my brain, my time and generally life. I’m quite a spontaneous person by nature and often do or say things without thinking of the consequences, which I personally find to be quite fun and soothing. I’ve been in situations before, when I’ve had boyfriends try to change that or actively put down aspects of my personality just because they don’t understand or accept my way of thinking (this is way in the past). My advice to those of you going through similar things or relationships at the moment is to stop, and think what you want, and if you could genuinely see yourself spending your life feeling like you do. 

The same goes for your careers / jobs whatever you want to call them! At the moment I’m in a situation where I’m genuinely happy with my current situation, I have a job I genuinely love and can see myself progresssing in, and a boyfriend who is my best friend and has not once, in the ten years I’ve known him, made a negative comment towards me or made me feel inferior which is pretty awesome if you ask me!

Anyway… we are currently on the way back for cuddles with this little puppy, and the girls, (but mainly to see my Daddums and Mum)! I’m sure I’ll have lots to do for Mum round the house and will no doubt be cleaning dogs and helping with the cooking. 

How’s everyone enjoying their weekend? I hope you’re all having a fantastic time and 2017 is being good to you! 


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