New hobbies 

Jon and I went out together last night and had our first date of the year! It’s been all so hectic, busy and difficult for me the last few months, that we hadn’t had time to be young and enjoy ourselves on an evening out and had a date. 

Whilst out, we decided it would be really cool to give ourselves some hobbies and things to look forward too over the next few years! So, that in mind we’ve come up with a few things we want to do over the next few years and one of them is doing more together like dates. 

It is no secret, I haven’t felt great the last few months and have had sleeping trouble and gotten quite down due to a lot going on in my personal life… I’m getting through it and getting much better, which is mainly down to Jon. 

Anyway, yesterday after work Jon decided we would go out to a bar that I’ve wanted to go too for a good year! He took me to Sketch. Sketch is a very beautiful, fancy restaurant, bar in London just off Regent Street. It’s very pretty, elegant and fancy and I had to dress up in my sparkly dress and did my hair and makeup for the first time in a long time. 

Whilst there I had a wonderful cocktail called kernel green… yum! It was so sweet and tasted like pistachios and almonds. The next cocktail (and final) I had was a bit more bitter, it was a raspberry and fizzy. So, I guess one of the main attractions for people at this bar is the strange bathrooms they have there. They’re egg shaped cubicals and have rainbow ceiling tiles. It’s quite like a spaceship bathroom if I had to describe it! So I perhaps took a selfie in the bathroom, just to show you all how cool I thought it was!


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