Motivate yourself to do things

Motivation is something that the majority of us want and have, but seldom action.

There are a lot of things in my life I have missed because I have been too lazy, scared or anxious to action them, and at other times – too scared of what teachers, friends or family members might say or think of me.

As everyone knows a new year often brings about the chance for change, a difference and a new chapter in each of our lives. Last year on the 7th of August (my birthday) I started a personal journey to complete 25 things before my 26th birthday. The majority of which, I have done! This year I am going to motivate myself to do a number of things which I will share with you today.

I am also going to explain how I plan to keep myself motivated and continue to do these tasks, even if at times, I would rather sit under a blanket with tea and hide from the world.

Something I notice about people in general is they always have to have a sense of purpose and being. If we don’t have that, the majority of the time we can fall into puddles of anxiety and depression making ourselves worse and worse. First and foremost, you do matter. You have purpose, and everything you want to do you can if you try your best.

For me I started thinking of the best things I could do to motive myself before actually coming up with ideas of what I wanted to do with my life and here is what I got:

  1. Less time on the mobile phone / social media. Turn off the phone or leave it in another room.
  2. Try to eat less. When I am bored I eat, and that isn’t good. So instead – have tea or water.
  3. Play with Walter (my hamster) when I am bored and would usually eat or play on my phone. Walter makes me smile and he’s entirely my responsibility.
  4. Read a book. I don’t do this often enough, I have a lot of worlds on my bookshelf, sitting there waiting to be explored. I just argue that I don’t have the time, which is a total lie. I have more than enough time if I stop wasting it on social media and my phone.
  5. Bake cakes and bread for friends and family more, because I love baking. It’s an art form for me.
  6. Get enough sleep. I don’t sleep much because of a lot of things that happened to my family and I in 2016. Therefore I can find myself lying awake staring into a black void with a million different thoughts in my head. Therefore I need to regulate my sleep.
  7. Go out with friends if I am invited. Say yes to things more.
  8. Don’t worry about things that go wrong. You can’t do anything to fix it.
  9. enjoy the here and now.
  10. Try to look smart and make an effort with myself daily.

So those are ways I can motivate myself. Do you see where I am going with this? I think those are things I enjoy and also things that I can do less of in order to free my time up.

What do I actually want to achieve and do with my time? You really need think about this realistically and logically. If you’re 25 (like me) and in a tone of debt from University, barely able to afford rent, let alone a new pair of leggings or a top at the end of the month. It is most probably a bit unrealistic to set myself a goal to ‘own a house’ by the end of the year.

So what do I want to achieve?

  1. Fitten up – mental health and physical wellbeing.
  2.  read a book every month.
  3. be promoted in my career.
  4. Spend money on myself, buy nice clothes! (I never do this).
  5. Start yoga properly again (at home or classes)

So far only five things, I am quite content with the rest of my life and believe that I am on track for most things otherwise. I think that the above is a healthy, easy list for me to follow, but will of course be full of challenges along the way!

There is no excuse, get on with your tasks and dreams and succeed!



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