Are we really interesting?

From my perspective oi-am-uniquen people, it would seem that there are a few categories of people when it comes to blogging online and social media.

There is one group of us that think that themselves are boring and have nothing interesting to say or tell anyone, and ghost all the websites (in other words watch and read everything, but never interact)

Another group would be the opposite of this. The group of people who think they are unique, have everything to say and believe everyone should listen to them and yet, still – they don’t interact much unless its for approval or to talk about themselves.

Next we have the passionate ones. People with a real and true investment in something bright, exciting and in their worlds extraordinary. Take Deliciously Ella for example. Ella found a way of staying fit and healthy and combatting her illness without the aid of medicine, she blogged and (within a year or so) turned into a best selling author, restaurant owner and famous blogger.

Then there are the anonymous ones… People who blog for themselves, because they love to write! These people are story tellers, keeping journals online instead of locked away under their beds. The people who (in my opinion) are sometimes the most interesting to read, as they could be your best friend or your worst enemy, and yet you still read and love their blogs without knowing who they are.

Then there are people who love to write and are happy to be open and express themselves through their blogs, Instagram pages and websites for no other reason than the love to write and express themselves through interests and have a mixology of topics. I like to think of these people as feature bloggers. They blog about key things in their lives and the world, unlike the anonymous ones who post about more intimate details (though I think there is sometimes a slight crossover here).

Anyway, I have been scrolling up and down around and around through lots of fellow bloggers profiles and noticed that there is a real trend with people. I’ve also come to the conclusion that there are ghost bloggers of such because I have friends who have admitted that they are exactly that – so there must be more of them right?

There are so many of us, many more genres that I could happily think up and you know what – each and every one of these people, bloggers, journalists, writers, aspiring story tellers or world savers – whatever you want to call them, make up something remarkable and special in my opinion. They make up a community of people just like in society and I think that in itself is interesting, as it reminds me that we are all just characters in this short (but long) story called life and we each play a very important part, and should a), never forget our self worth and b), never forget others self worth.


One thought on “Are we really interesting?

  1. Can I leave some advice? You got great photos here, but your background covers your text when you click through to the post. I can’t read this post without highlighting all the words! You might want to alter the back drop. 🙂


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