A Soy Chai Latte.

I don’t know why, but since working in Virtual Reality I have become incredibly addicted to Soy Chai Latte. So addicted in fact, that one of our interns got me a winter ceramic coffee mug for my daily trips to Starbucks (I work for an American VR company… The Starbucks way rubbed off on me).


There is nothing more festive and cosy than a yummy cup of cinnamon and spice (and all things nice?) on a brisk wintery morning than sipping that first mouthful of soy chai latte. I swear its liquid happiness!

Anyway, I think everyone has their ‘go to drink’ hot or not, and for me it’s either the chai or a cool glass of ice cold water with lemon.

What’s my weekend been like?

Well I’m a bit stressed out if I’m completely honest. Things are going well for me at work so far, and I will be moving to my own wonderful flat within the week but I’m still really exhausted and mentally drained – any tips on getting over this, please post!

I’ve come off Roaccutane and my skin has still not completely improved, I’ve still got some scarring and I can’t stop scratching it and it depresses me like nothing else! Still, I can’t completely complain as it has improved in many ways and it is by far much more improved than it was in my previous post about it, so I guess its a case of persistence isn’t it? I think I’m mostly stressed out by it, as its such a strong and nasty drug that I just expected it to clear it up asap, but its a slow process…

Something that did make me super happy this weekend was ticking something off my list of things to do before I am 26! I rode a Boris Bike! I hired it from the far side of Hyde Park after going to Winter Wonderland and peddled all the way back to my house on the other side of Kensington. It was fantastic, and I didn’t even get knocked off by a car! RESULT!

Six degrees of separation 

My flatmates Karolina’s had a friend staying with us for a few weeks whilst she gets back on her feet after loosing her flat. It’s been really cool having her here and a lot of fun as she leaves us notes / cakes and cookies to wake up too in the morning, but I have only just met her today (after lots of jokes over text – and weeks of her living in my house, its crazy!). She just came and sat with me in the lounge, so I paused for a second and came back to this.

We just connected on Facebook, and I explained to her the theory: ‘six degrees of separation’ and how in life you are always connected to someone, or something by around six steps. Because of that, and if you’re having a bad day, or a bad moment in life it will improve, because you are only one, two or three (or yes, six) steps from an improvement or something magical. For me I enter as many competitions as I can, walk in the road to avoid pavement congestion in London and try to be happy and positive even when life throws me the joker out of a pack of cards.

Anyway, I’m really tired as I didn’t sleep much last night, and I want to throw on a movie, grab a cup of tea, my colouring book and chill out without the worry of the social media frenzy that my generation has been thrown into!

Goodnight all, speak soon. X


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