An Australian abroad… 

This post is dedicated to one of my favourite people from 2016, because she dreamt I wrote a blog about her so I thought I’d make her dreams come true this Christmas haha! 

Even with all the drama, nightmares and stress I’ve endured, I’ve still managed to have fun, smile and make new friends! One of these is Jo! I funnily enough, first met Jo at 11:30pm in January last year. I was lying in bed casually reading Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen in my hotel room, when in comes Jo.
‘Oh I guess we’re sharing a room’ we both thought, and off we went to bed! In the morning I knew this was a friendship ready to blossom when we both insisted the other went to the bathroom first, because we had both removed our PJ bottoms in the night unable to sleep in trousers. I must say, I found this pretty hysterical and still do – neither of us wanted to tell the other we were only in a top and knickers. The sign of true friendship! 

Anyway – we then went to the conference, and had such a blast! I spent a lot of the time with my friend Adam, but in the evening found myself doing shots off ice sculptures with Jo and two men dressed in drag as nuns!? 

Well … that’s a brief overview of how Jo and I met, and how our amazing London friendship started, with room sharing and nuns! 

So – back to the weekend in the country! 

Here are a few pictures from the little weekend adventure we had! It involved lots of old things, cider and baking… and decorating my parents house for Christmas!



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