It’s been so cold the last few weeks in the UK. I’ve genuinely found myself shivering in my room at night and having to wrap up in multiple blankets to keep warm (plus heating).

I wanted to get a scarf that was natural but not cotton / wool or synthetic, something soft and cosy that I can keep on even if it gets warmer. I researched for ages looking for scarves but couldn’t come across anything I liked until The Deep Ecology Design Club popped up on my Facebook page selling bamboo (ethical) products! I had a mooch on their site and thought I’d give one of their snoods a go, as they looked super cuddly and soft… plus I really hate the itchiness I get from woollen clothing!

I was not hugely sure what I was in for, because I’d only ever had socks made of bamboo – nothing else – and I haven’t really worn a snood before either! I’m a massive fan of bamboo socks, and using bamboo as a fabric. It’s super easy to grow and really ethical and good for the environment.

‘There are two process when it comes to making bamboo into fabric: mechanically or chemically. The mechanical way is by crushing the woody parts of the bamboo plant and then use natural enzymes to break the bamboo walls into a mushy mass so that the natural fibers can be mechanically combed out and spun into yarn. Chemically manufactured bamboo fiber is a regenerated cellulose fiber similar to rayon or modal. Chemically manufactured bamboo is sometimes called bamboo rayon because of the many similarities in the way it is chemically manufactured and similarities in its feel and hand.’ quoted

I’ve been wearing this scarf non-stop since it arrivunadjustednonraw_thumb_12c9ed and I just wanted to write a blog about how fantastic it is! I decided to go for the darker one because it goes with most of my clothes and is easier to keen clean than cream, but saying that – I am probably going to invest in a cream one I can wear to evening events and for smarter days out with friends. It has a really cute little tag on it that is on the outside of the scarf which is kind of large and annoying on a snood, it isn’t easy to remove either which is a shame. I would have preferred it to be smaller – maybe a circle? 
In this picture here you can see the snood folded up! I’ve been wearing it everyday (even at home and work) since I got it and it smells beautifully of my perfume now, which is one of my favourite things about wearing scarves and snoods. It’s been so much fun though. There are so many ways you can wear them, wrapped round and round, loose wrapped round twice, put round like a scarf and looped… It’s endless! I’ve even had it draped across my head when its been super cold outside!

Anyway… if you’re looking to get yourself a new scarf or a Christmas gift for someone this year. I’d totally recommend these. They’re fab and I will certainly be getting myself something else soon! 


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