It’s dark outside, but I’m feeling cosy.

This morning I woke up much earlier than I usually have too, due to the trains back in the country deciding to suddenly stop running last night. I’m currently sat on the train, on my way to work surrounded by suits and laptops of people avidly typing. So, whilst I’m sat here in my cosy cotton jumper and rainbow scarf – I decided to join them!

I never feel as though I get enough rest at the weekends as I often spend it making the most of my parents and family. Today is no exception. I’m exhausted! There’s nothing quite like waking up to a cosy warm bed, with the cool air of the morning quite literally slapping you in the face. I just want to escape the world – find a cosy little corner, covered in pillows and snuggle up and sleep!

This jumper is SO cosy! I love it. H&M. Charity shop buy.

I am a huge fan of cosy, comfortable clothes and this jumper is just one in my many that I love! Something I enjoy doing in my spare time is going to antiques markets, vintage stores and charity shops! I also love going back to my parents house, as I often find my rucksack overflowing with eBay or charity shop buys my mum has found. This weekend I got this wonderful Angora jumper from Mum, and a beautiful long grey dress that I’m yet to wear (perhaps I should have put the grey dress on today, so I fit in a little better on the train?).

So something I like to do, is dismantle the weekend into positives and negatives and see what areas are avoidable in future  – and perhaps look over things I need to do during the week!

The struggles of weekends

  • Sleep loss! I’m exhausted, I need a weekend for the weekend.
  • Avoiding lactose at family meal times or lunch dates. (Even with my lactase tablets)
  • The morning commute back home to London.
  • Saying goodbye to my dogs and hamster (truly the worst!).
  • Not having a car to do shopping for my mum. (It’s in the garage).
  • Saying goodbye to my home bed.. I love it. My London bed is cosy, but not the same.
  • Not being close to London friends or bars and events.

The pros of this weekend

  • Being with my Dad. He hugely appreciates it, and always tells me he loves me and is there if I need him. (Though I feel it’s the other way round now Dad).
  • Seeing my mum and brother.
  • Cuddling my pets, Henry the puppy is HUGE!
  • Seeing friends and the boyfriend.
  • Sleeping in until 9am (this was amazing).
  • Homemade pizza with the family!
  • Getting the jumper and dress from my amazing mother!
  • Cuddling up by the fire.
  • Being close to Bath and visiting in the afternoon.
  • Quite cosy mornings in bed.
  • Birdsong and mist in the countryside…

Well – see, isn’t that a positive list? Even my negative isn’t too bad!

The yummy apple from the tree! Oh how I love Autumn. 

I’m now halfway to London, and am now going to eat a freshly picked apple from my boyfriends lovely Mum off the tree this morning and try to stay awake on the train and not miss the last stop!


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