As the nights grow long.

The nights are growing longer here in the U.K. as the winter starts to sweep in from Scandinavia! More recently I’ve really missed my Norwegian girls, their country and culture. They’re some of the kindest and most wonderful friends anyone could wish for, and it’s sad that I don’t get to spend more time with them. That said, when we do visit one another (at least four or five times a year), it’s so much fun and I spend the whole time laughing, drinking wine and beer and usually exploring the country.

The last few weeks, for me, have been a whirlwind! So many things spinning into orbit, so many exciting and interesting prospects playing out, that I’m never quite sure what’s going to happen next! 

My best friend came to visit me last weekend and it was so much fun! I know everyone says they have a best friend, or, that one person… But you will honestly never be as lucky as I am having this weirdo in my life! I don’t know what I’d do without her, although – she doesn’t drink tea so it’s not always a match made in heaven! 

It was so much fun having her stay in London. We saw the Christmas lights switch on in Oxford street. Had vegetarian and vegan food in Tibits on Regent Street, and giggled and laughed all night.

This week my skin started to show huge signs of improvement! I have almost no blemishes, only dry lips and the odd cut. I’m finally starting to feel beautiful once more, and it’s great!On Saturday night, Giulia and I (and Micheal who we lost) decided to go and see the Guy Fawkes firework display in Ravenscourt Park. It was amazing! There’s something rather special and perplexing about fireworks for me, they’re just dangerously beautiful and I find that so intriguing and exciting to watch. I honestly think I’ve got the best housemates ever. They’re so much fun, relaxed (mostly) and genuine friends. I’m currently planning Christmas gifts for them all, and I suspect Giulia’s will be edible (she’s obsessed with Nutella – so any ideas please message me!!).

Anyway – today I’m at my parents helping out with the house and dogs. I love being back home to spend time with them all, especially since I got Dad the puppy!  I must go now as I’m cooking home made pizzas with mum for dinner. Blog you later. X


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