Over doing it?

Hey all. I hope you enjoyed my last blog on Forever Living. I really enjoyed writing it. I wanted to just write a blog in honour of everyone out there who works too hard and does too much, and seldom take time for themselves. 

Today I was off work due to exhaustion. I’d been to the hospital for a blood test and got told I needed to rest as I’ve been over doing it a lot lately and just look ‘shattered’. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my job, and I’m extremely happy that I’ve found a company as amazing as the one I have. But I’ve been spending too much time travelling all over the place to ensure my Dad and family are ok, and worrying… loosing sleep and working super hard, that I’ve not stopped to think for a second.

Today I woke up and just felt it hit me. I needed to rest. I’ve genuinely been over doing it the last few weeks, and admitting that to myself was not easy. I think it’s extremely easy for people to get caught up in life and things going on, especially as it’s impossible for us to switch off in this age of smartphones and computers. 

So today, I slept. I worked a bit and then slept. I really feel this blog is important as people work too hard and worry too much and the last few weeks of dealing with my Dad’s cancer and other things really hit me today. I need to rest, my mental health is extremely important, and it’ll start to get affected if I don’t take time for myself.

It’s great that I support ethical products and am vegetarian, I also love fitness! But mental health is the most important of all to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Something many of us forget. I’m back to work tomorrow after a short but much needed rest day, and I can’t wait. I love my job – now who can honestly say that?! 

So, here are my top ten tips for maintaining a healthy state of mind…

  1. Get enough sleep. If you have sleep problems, see a doctor.
  2. Have warm showers and baths. They relax me even in the most stressful situations.
  3. Tea (herbal or English breakfast). It genuinely calms me if I’m upset or stressed out.
  4. Read a book and escape reality if you are stressed or feeling down. It’s surprisingly effective. That or Netflix!
  5. Go for a walk in the park or countryside. Nature is soothing and relaxing. It’s slow and doesn’t go at 1000 miles an hour like the city.
  6. Take time off work if you need too. Your boss should understand if you explain… 
  7. I cuddle animals – they help me so much to relax.
  8. Speak to friends or family if you can fix the stressful situation.
  9. Eat healthy foods like humous and carrots. They’re the best I feel better afterwards.
  10. If it’s sunny sit in the garden! 

They’re things I do if I’m feeling exhausted or down. I hope that they help someone else too! It’s human nature to get exhausted or sad so never let anyone tell you isn’t ok. You’re allowed to feel!


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