Little Miss Busy

Is it me, or has the last month literally blurred into a giant bird and flown by? I’ve had the most hectic and busy month of the last year, working all hours of the day, spending weekends with friends and (more importantly at the moment) family. It’s been non-stop! I’ve not even had time to sit down and write on here, which I thoroughly love doing. You’ve probably noticed I’ve hardly even had time to post my daily Instagram blasts too.


Tonight I finally got to sit down (at 8pm) switch off, (or on depending how you look at things) and watch the best baking show on TV, The Great British Bake Off. This week was the final show, and I won’t ruin it for anyone who has yet to watch it. But It was such a happy and fun final, can I just say… I have a real urge to go and bake a picnic hamper now. Beware friends and family, this is likely to happen and you’re likely to be eating it all! I really enjoyed watching Bake Off. It’s such an interesting and tense show, with so many things that can (and do) go wrong in it, and the final was certainly one of those. One of my favourite quotes from the entire series came tonight from Jane who couldn’t quite finish one of her bakes off so instead said ‘If in doubt, chuck a bit of glitter on it I say’. How right is that? Who doesn’t want a bit of sparkle in their life!

Anyway, I’ve got a few surprises coming up for you all over the next few weeks as I’ve been approached by some wonderful people to blog about their ethical products, which is such a surprise and also really lovely as I get to choose if I want to blog about them or not. When I am approached to blog about a company or products, I don’t instantly say yes as many other bloggers do. I am selective, and will never trial or accept products from a company that test on animals, or use unethical resources to farm or manufacture. I will research and be completely open and honest about products, even if I don’t like them – I will say! I’m going to be 100% honest, because I’ve genuinely felt at times I’ve been in situations where people are only trying to sell you a product for the profit and not because it’s actually good. Having gone through so much drama with my skin the last year, I really do think its important to trust what you are using and know what it is that we put into our bodies (as well as on them) daily. aloe-vera-gel-on-wooden-spoon-1
So with that in mind, my next blog is going to be about Forever Living, a company who manufacture the worlds largest collection of aloe plants! So far I really like the ethics and background of the company. They appear to be extremely transparent and honest, ethical and cruelty-free… so I really hope their products are just as good, as they’ll have a new customer if so! I have even been lucky enough to get an interview set up with one of the reps of the company Laura Duncan! I’m now off to bed before it gets too late, and going to try to finish my book. I’ll try to organise things better so I have more time to blog over the weeks up to Christmas, as there is so much I would like to share with you all!




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