Things I love about weekends…

Hey guys! Hope everyone had a great weekend. I certainly did! I had my boyfriend (who is also a super good friend of mine you will have seen in previous posts… Yes we are dating now) visiting me in London, so of course it was super fun! I also met up with my old uni flat mate Michael and his friend Teddy, and we had a few beers and catch up which was super nice.

Over the weekend Jon and I decided to go and look round Camden after walking up to Primrose Hill and having a few beers. Camden is pretty quirky, full of weird and wonderful people and shops. We ended up staying there late and having a few beers and cocktails.

Me and Jon on Primrose Hill!

It’s great having a boyfriend who’s also one of my best friends! Here is a little secret not many people know, he was one of my first ever kisses when I was in my teens! How cute is that?

Anyway… We had a really nice walk across Camden from Regent’s Park all the way up as well as amazing veggie street food! I had some sweet potato chips whilst we walked around exploring the area and they were so yummy! If you haven’t had them before, I suggest you go out and get some! You can buy them pre-made in a packet, or you can make your own.

When I was studying at Brookes I liked to make my own sweet potato chips a lot of the time. I perfected to art after quite a few failings! I found the trick (for me personally) was to use less oil and dry them out then, use oil right at the end just to crisp them up.


I digress, let’s get back to the top ten things I love about weekends!

  1. No plans are good plans! It means you can literally relax! I use this time to read, draw, walk the dogs I volunteer to look after, or go out on my own.
  2. Waking up on a frosty Sunday morning with the rain pounding on the window, whilst you’re all snuggled up in a duvet with your teddies (no just me?) surrounding you!
  3. Spending time with your friends and family! I love doing this, especially when I get to see my family or best friends. I wish I could spend all my time with them really.
  4. Having a bath. I love using Lush products, not only because they smell so good, but because they are either fizzy or scratchy. They are the best things ever! Thank you Lush!
  5. Spending all day cuddling my dogs and all evening with Humphrey my hamster. I really do love animals so crazily much. As I live in London I don’t get to spend much time with pets (hence why I joined Borrow My Doggy) so weekends are a real favourite.
  6. Baking cakes and learning new tips and tricks for my sweet treats! I am doing the whole ‘healthy’ thing yes… But I think it’s also good to spoil yourself and friends, as not everyone is as into quinoa and zucchini cakes as you might think!
  7. Going to charity shops and jumble sales or even car boot sales. I love a good bargain, but most of all I like to explore. I really enjoy rummaging through pre-loved things and finding treasures. I’ve found some really amazing things doing this.
  8. Exploring London and travellingSince I got a new job I don’t have as much time to travel as far and wide (but I will when my holiday hours add up). I thoroughly enjoy exploring London and other parts of the UK at the moment, and think this is really important as I don’t know it as well as Europe believe it or not.
  9. Changing my bed sheets. I swear people think I am mad for putting this as one of my favourite things to do at the weekend… But I just LOVE fresh clean sheets, and get to appreciate them all the more on a Sunday morning when I don’t have to get out of bed.
  10. Tea and morning TV. I spend all week watching Netflix when I get home from work (or reading, it really depends how I feel). I know this seems super boring, but I do like getting up at 7am on a Saturday (when I’m home visiting my family) and drinking tea in my dressing gown watching TV cuddling my dogs!


So, that is my list of ten things I love about the weekend. What is yours?



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