Frosty Monday mornings 

It’s finally got to that time of year, where I wake up snuggled under my warm duvet surrounded by teddies and pillows, and feel that chill in the air.

It’s the best feeling on a Saturday morning, knowing I can stay under the duvet as long as I want, but when it’s Monday… I literally grumble and grump myself out of bed in the hope that a warm shower and cup of tea will brighten my frosty morning mood.

Now, I rate myself as being lucky. I don’t have to be in work until 9:30am, which means I often give myself an hour and fifteen to get ready for work. Most people (I find) really don’t like the autumn and winter months, but I personally love them!

The nights are longer, the days are shorter. Yes, it’s dark on the way home, but it also means I get to pull out all those cuddly jumpers and scarves I’ve been too hot to wear during the summer months! I actually really enjoy working over winter, and find it is one of the best times to have a job to keep you active! As much as I would love, to make a full-time job out of writing, and becoming a journalist, it’s just really nice to be working in a creative and lively environment surrounded by a really vibrant variation of characters. 

During the summer months, I’ve found most people are quite sullen and sulky during the day at work. This is probably down to the fact that, they’d rather be outside sunbathing or sipping margaritas and sangria on a beach somewhere in Italy. 

Because of this, I think it should probably become a government policy for standard working days to be: 8:30-3:30 every day between April-August and then 9:30-4:30 the rest of the year. That way, people would have more motivation during the day, and be able to enjoy the summer months more! I would even be willing to bet that the workload people handle is exactly the same as the standard 9-5:30/6 day the majority of us are expected to do currently.

So – in honour of my love of Autumn, and the fact that I would rather stay at home cuddled up under my duvet with the fire roaring. Or even playing in the garden with my dogs, wrapped up in gloves and a scarf. I have devised a few steps to help you get out of bed on those frosty Monday mornings.

  1. Set your alarm fifteen minutes earlier, and again at the wake up time.
  2. Don’t fall back to sleep! Appreciate the coziness and snuggle up with a pillow.
  3. Second alarm goes off – sulk, and reuse to get out of bed for three minutes and then give in.
  4. Wrap yourself up in your winter dressing gown, put on your cosy bedsocks and/or slippers
  5. Put the kettle on
  6. Attend bathroom for a quick face wash and other bathroom duties 
  7. Make tea ☕️ 
  8. Go to the sofa, snuggle up and hold tea and sip it feeling cosy and smug
  9. Have some warm porridge or toast alongside another cup of tea
  10. Have a warm shower, dress and go to work.

On the whole, that is my morning regime. Minus the occasional grump! What I find funny is, during the summer months – I’d be up bright and early and out the door ready to hide from the day. But during the autumn, I want to appreciate its beauty and take advantage of all the wonderful things I could be doing such as:

  • Baking treacle tart
  • Pumpkin soup 
  • Cuddling my dogs under a blanket
  • Watching movies with coco
  • Painting pictures of the landscapes 
  • Photography 
  • Walks 
  • Throwing leaves and jumping in them 
  • Reading by the open fire

That is basically a list of why I love Autumn, as well as a list of reasons I hate getting up on a beautiful autumnal day! But yes; the winter is most certainly the best time to work and have a job, as you csn speed the rest of the time snuggled under a duvet, and the day time earning lots of money in the run up to Christmas!

Enjoy your Autumn! X


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