Lush’s Toothy Tabs / Tooth Powder

Organic Toothpaste from Lush

I’ve been using Lush’s toothy tabs on and off for a few years now, back in the day when they came in the cardboard boxes, so think it’s about time I wrote a blog about them, as I have been pretty much brought up on Lush products by my Mum.

Whilst there are loads of organic toothpaste brands out there to buy such as: Green People toothpaste which is amazing and does some wonderful things for the planet as well as your teeth if you buy it. Then there is also another brand called: Dr Organic (who make some other amazing products too, totally check them out!). This toothpaste is minty fresh and at the same time won’t fill you with chemicals! 

Now, back to toothy tabs. I haven’t been using them religiously as they just don’t work as well as conventional toothpaste as you have to crunch them up, and I’ve found the majority of the ‘crunch’ ends up on my tongue. Alongside this I also found it REALLY foamy which proved to be an issue with brushing. This didn’t deter me, I still have them in the bathroom and use them for travelling as they are just so damn convenient. More recently however, Lush brought out (2015) a powder version of these which has been something I have only this evening, had the pleasure of trying. 

There are currently three flavours you can pick from:

Out of the three I opted for the ‘less weird’ in my personal opinion, which is Ultra Blast as I didn’t fancy tasting strawberries, which you would get from Tooth Fairy, when brushing my teeth, even though it does smell like flowers and happiness. I also wasn’t a huge fan of the coffee and cardamom in Atomic (mainly as I am usually brushing my teeth to remove that taste).  

After using the Ultra Blast tooth powder, I have to say I am pleasantly surprised. I didn’t get a build up of foam in my mouth (no more than with regular toothpaste) and I was left with clean teeth to touch. I have a slight minty flavour in my mouth and feel genuinely fresh and revitalised. So, on the whole, I have to say that it has so far been a success. I had no issues dipping my toothbrush in the powder and I had no issues brushing my teeth. I am really happy that I got this toothpaste and am trying it even though I was a bit unconvinced by the toothy-tabs that lush brought out first. One thing I would say though, is that I am pretty disappointed by the plastic packaging Lush are now using on the tabs. Even though it is recycled and looks slicker / cleaner. I still think it was much more ethical to use a recycled cardboard instead, and would suggest that they look into making little boxes of card instead of the plastic. 




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