Why I stopped ‘the pill’

This post is mainly going to be for the women amongst you… I feel your pain, and thought it was high-time someone wrote a personal blog about this. Don’t worry, it isn’t going to start ‘my first period’, as amusing as that would probably be. But looking at the alternative ways I have managed the severe pain I get every month when my pain threshold is pushed to its limit. 

In many ways, I can see this post being relevant to the guys as well as the girls. Girls, when you think about it, the majority of us are pumping our bodies full of drugs in order to stop ourselves getting pregnant, which I think in some cases is a fantastic way to control unwanted pregnancy. But personally I’d rather use the good old-fashioned condoms until I decided to have children if I had to choose. 

At the start (for me at least), I was put on the pill due to the most horrendous period pains imaginable, and some of the most dark and scary mood swings which often resulted in me crying my eyes out under my duvet acting like the world was going to end. With pain like I had, it bloody well felt like it had! At (and I am not exaggerating) times I passed out from the pain. Back in 2011 it got so bad that I found myself lying on an operating bed whilst the anaesthetist asked me to count down from ten (I got to 8), waiting for the surgeon to slice me open, scar my body to find out what was causing this unbearable pain. They found nothing… 

Since then I have been referred onto one of the worlds most renowned gynaecologists and genuinely been on more than 20 types of contraceptive pills to control this horrific pain. about a year ago I had gone two years without any pain, having finally found a pill that worked for me until I started to get breakthrough bleeding… which meant another change! The year to follow was filled with side effects in the shape of: migraines, cystic breast lumps (which by the way boys, genuinely made me throw up from pain at times), and of course emotional aggravation and stress.  

I know I’m not alone having gone through all of these things, as I have spent far too much time on google looking for a magical cure – just reading about the hellish days other girls around the world are going through. It now turns out my body repels the contraceptive pill, and since I started getting migraines from them I am now black listed from taking them again, for which I am actually glad.

Since stopping the pill completely, I have: lost weight, my body shape is returning to its natural state, my skin is clearing up (but that’s probably down to the roaccutane) and I feel healthier. Now, the pain you’re probably thinking? How the devil are you going to deal with that every month?

Well… I went to see my gynaecologist about two weeks ago and she has given me some very strong medication that thins the blood of the uterus during the period (apparently this makes it less painful). She has also given me some tablets to take that target the pain sensors around that area which are the strongest available. I have also tried all those tablets that help the pain etc… So I am half expecting these to not work, and half hoping for a miracle that I no longer have to endure that pain again, as it has been a while since I experienced it – and I right now feel as though it would be wonderful to have no side effects from the pill, limited pain (as I expect a bit) and allow my body to go back to being normal and not being pumped full of hormones every month. 

I know my experience of periods isn’t common, but I also know it isn’t rare either. Because of this I have written a little list for you girls who are going through the same nightmare I did and I am here to answer any questions and give advice if you need it. There are two types of pain and how it is cause, mine is gradual over three days and then stops. Others can have one day of pain and then have literal flooding which is both embarrassing and painful.

My Top Tips…

  1. The first few days were the worst for me, use primrose oil to calm you…!
  2. A hot water bottle is the best thing ever invented, GET ONE. or two or THREE! 
  3. fruit teas are amazing, I couldn’t stomach milk and fruit tea is soothing and helpful. 
  4. Ask your mum or best friend (or partner) to rub your lower tummy for you!
  5. Cuddle a dog. My dogs were so sympathetic this time of the month! They also knew when to bolt out of the room if I was about to cry out in pain though. 
  6. Have a warm bath if you aren’t too weak – leave the door open if you’re home for safety reasons, as I did once collapse and my poor brother found my wrapped in a towel. I ended up in hospital!
  7. Ask your GP to refer you onto a gynaecologist. If they refuse, seek one out yourself and explain the issues and tell your GP you need a referral letter for them. That’s what I did!
  8. exercise regularly. Keeping fit really helps! I found running and yoga the best. They help ‘push it all out’.
  9. Soup is the best thing to have, and lots of fruit! It really helped me feel better quicker.
  10. Sleep with a pillow under your lower back, it really helped me, because it lifts you slightly and relieves pressure. 

They are really my top tips for surviving those few days! I learnt them all over many years of agony. Some might seem obvious, and others bonkers but they worked for me, and if they worked for me they might work for someone else! I will be happy even if I help one other person out!



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