Swapping my lip balm

Going for the organic / cruelty free option

If you’ve ever wondered about the different types of lip balms out on the market and what best to use like I have, then hopefully my research and short blog post about a few that I have come across will be of use! I will be focusing mainly on petroleum jelly as that has been the product of choice for my lips, but there are a lot of other products (branded) that use it too – so be careful when buying your next lip balm! The reason I have researched so much into products and food recently is because (as many of you will know if you read my previous blogs) my father and brother have both had quite nasty cancers, and I have suffered with a really nasty skin infection myself! So it seemed high-time that I started taking my purchases seriously and living the natural, organic and cruelty free life that I had always admired in others.


My research and what I found

I had no idea up until recently that things such as Petroleum jelly can actually be harmful to your skin and lips. I have read a lot of people talking about how it is carcinogenic and can cause cancer, but there have actually been no scientific studies that suggest this. The main reason I can see from my research that it could be potentially harmful or ‘not good’ for your skin is really because of the chemicals that are inside the product an it is made from, and called: ‘petroleum jelly’. Petroleum jelly is a byproduct of the oil industry and originally was found at the bottom of oil rigs as a soft coating. Since then, manufactures have filtered it to ensure that it is ‘non toxic’ and safe for human skin, making it most people’s number one choice for dry skin and cuts.
One thing about Petroleum jelly is that it does not allow the skin to breathe. Therefore it can trap in a dirt and clog the skin causing breakouts and infections. As with any product it is always best to ensure your skin is clean prior to application, but sometimes this isn’t possible. 
Something I have personally noticed from using it on my lips for the last ten or so years, is that my lips dry out a lot faster and I can get sweaty / outbreaks in the places that I have put it which means I just put more on without thinking. It now seems logical that by stopping ‘cold turkey’ and moving on to a more ethical and friendly (to me and the environment) product might be the best step forward, even if I will have a few weeks of feeling addicted to petroleum jelly and missing it immensely!
I know that there is a lot of debate around petroleum jelly and whether or not it actually causes harm to the skin or is good etc… I would assume, since it has been around for so many years and used widely in the medical profession that there is evidence to suggest it can be really useful at times, but I am no expert! So from my research and personal trial and error, I have come to the conclusion that: that the body cannot absorb the jelly and therefore it does not actually do anything except close off the area it is applied too, sealing it in and creating a barrier against things / absorption and so on and so forth.
There are other types of lip balms that are created using cruel and unethical methods which as a consumer really upsets me. I view lip balms and products like this as a real luxury to have, even though I rely on them so much in my every day life. I have also found synthetic perfumes irritate my skin a lot and have caused rashes around my lips, so this has really shown me that it isn’t good to be putting these types of products on our skin when there are healthier and better alternatives!
The main reason I am changing from using products with this in is ethical. I want to use something natural and not chemically made and just put something on my skin that I am happy to know isn’t hurting anyone or anything – and I think that is a good enough reason to want to swap! 
How do you swap, and what too?
Here is a little run down (with pictures) of some products you can use safely with little to no issue on your skin! They are all natural and I will post a few links to some companies that make cruelty free ones…
This funky looking stuff isn’t cheese no, it’s cocoa butter, which is extremely soft and good for our skin. Plus it’s natural and made from cocoa bean! The best thing is we can eat it, so it is completely safe for those of you with children.
These funny conker looking nuts are actually shea butter and are from the African Shea tree. I LOVE this butter to bits and find it literally melts in my hands… There is that good old saying about butter melting in the mouth, well… I like to think of shea butter melting on my skin in a similar way as it’s so silky / soft and completely natural to use!
This is a pretend olive tree called a Simmondsia chinesis tree (found in california), and these are seeds! These can be pressed down a little like olives and made into a magical oil (not really magic but a girl can wish) that is natural and has been known to heal acne on the skin.
This one isn’t as well-known as the others, but I think it’s going to become a magical new ingredient in many of our products over the next few years. It’s called Meadowfoam and is used a lot in organic perfumes and butters because of its high fat content. It’s great at locking in moisture and provides anti-oxidant powers for the skin.
There are many types of creams and butters out there that we can buy to help soften our lips and fight those cold autumn days, so I challenge you all to go out in search of some organic and cruelty free products! These are just a small percentage of what is available to us nowadays, and we are very lucky to be living in a time that has realised chemicals are not always good and that we should sometimes seek out plant-based products and stop testing on animals!screen-shot-2016-10-02-at-15-38-44
If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen my latest post with these beauties! They are literally wonderful! They are made by Beauty Kitchen and really do work! I have used them on not just my lips but my hands too when they get dry. They are fantastic, and I am really happy to have them in my life!
A few other products that I have tried / used and would recommend to friends and family are:
  • Of course Lush! They do some of the best products and do a lot to support nature and organic living which really appeals to me. Plus their products smell AMAZING! (I also suggest trying out their sugar scrub for lips, its so tasty…)
  • My brother bought me this for Christmas a few years ago and I keep it in my car for travelling. I don’t think he knew I would love it so much and I am sure he only got it for me as it’s called Lippy Cow by Cowshed. They are completely against animal testing and use natural ingredients when they can. 
  • Badger Balms do use beeswax in some of their balms as a base, but this is widely known to be natural and a lot of people don’t see it as cruel. I personally don’t use beeswax much as I prefer a cocoa or shea butter base but non-the-less, they are a cruelty free family run business with an adorable badger as their logo!
  • This is one I am yet to use, but I have read so many good things about it online and it keeps popping up on my browser… It’s a vegan, all natural singing and dancing lip balm called Hurraw! which I am super keen to try, and will certainly be updating my blog when I get my hands on one.
So for now I will leave you with four different types to choose from, four different lip balms that I know you will love – plus I recommend you go and try out the Beauty Kitchen’s products because they have changed my life! You can buy them in Holland and Barrett if you live in the UK or online if abroad!


I haven’t been sponsored to write this blog at all and am writing it purely to talk about what I have been up too and how / why I decided to change lip balms! Any questions please feel free to get in touch! 




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