Organic living 

A few days ago a man came to fix the drains at my parents house. The man was a stereotypical Wiltshire guy with a thick accent and scruffy working clothes, someone who would blend into the crowd and not be easily distinguishable.

He started chatting to my mum and told her his wife had passed away only a few months ago due to cancer. Because my family have had such a bad run in with cancer mum told him about our own experience and they got into the topic of organic food and how to drink pure water without toxins. It was incredibly interesting to hear about, when my mum relayed all of this to me. The man dropped her off a leaflet about eating organic produce and since then she has really caught on. 

Now before, I will admit: I’m not someone who would usually care too much about organic produce, and I always buy whatever is cheapest in the store. Since reading up on the differences I’ve decided that it might actually be a good idea to think a bit more before I shop and really consider what I’m doing to my body. 

Sugar The first change I’ve made in my life is sugars. According to an article I read in an organic and healthy living book. White sugars (even icing sugar) is bleached using animal bones. It’s considered ‘vegan’ still as the produce itself contains no meat and is not technically using animals… this actually disgusted me and I’ve decided to pass on my white sugars to my housemates and researched into what ones I can and cannot buy. 

It’s really quite scary to think about all the different things that go into our food, or we blindly buy in stores without really knowing what we are putting into our bodies. 

I’ve decided to cut out refined sugars and only buy organic and clearly stated vegan produce from Whole foods in Kensington, and any small local health stores in the area. I’m going to use fruit more, and eat more self dried fruits when I’m craving sweet things, because at less that way I’m eating healthier and satisfying my seeet tooth. 

So starting tomorrow I’m going to dedicate myself to this new way of life and organic and healthy world… (this is also something I’ve added to my 25 things to do before I’m 26 lost!)

Breakfast For breakfast tomorrow I’ve made myself a coconut milk and banana smoothie with chai seeds for texture. I’ve put this in the fridge to firm up (and allow the chai to expand overnight). 

Lunch I’m not much of a lunch kind of person, but for the purpose of the blog I’m going to come up with an idea as it’s healthy for me to eat more regularly than I do. It will also give me consistency (that I desperately miss in life), and allow me the chance to be healthier and control my eating more. 

I’d be tempted to opt for organic seed crackers and avocado, and a side of salad and hummus. Probably the best thing I could think of for lunch. I’d top this off with a lovely refreshing organic lemonade 🍋.

Dinner This is a tricky one as I’ve spent the last few months eating cocopops and drinking tea for dinner which I am more than aware is laughable. But when I’m alone I get lazy and feel a bit put out to bother cooking dinner. This has to change and as such I’m gong to be cooking more brown rice dishes / gluten free and organic pasta dishes as well as my own bread for lentil soup. 


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