So as you all know from my last blog, my dad was recently diagnosed with stomach cancer. 

Two years ago we lost a very loving family member, Basil the German Shepherd dog.  He was our first male dog, and we loved him to bits! He was a real treasure and we have always missed him. Dad has been mentioning he would like another male dog again, and since he’s been so unwell I decided instead of flowers… I’d get the family a German Shepherd! 

Mum and Dad had a chat about it beforehand and decided they really liked the idea and it would be good for Dad. 

Mum said: ‘the best things come to us at the most unexpected times and it’s best to grab them and not let them go, because no time is ever the right time, so even if you aren’t ready… you’ll find out you were and it will make you incredibly happy, otherwise I’d never have married your Dad…’

Something she’s learnt over the last 50 odd years, through university, working in medicine and having such a diverse life!German shepherds only need a bit of a walk at the first few months of their lives as they have a lot of growing to do and it’s just better for their body. Luckily we have a large garden, so he can have exercise there as well…! 

He’s so far getting in well with the two girls… so let’s hope that continues. 

Anyway, everyone’s really wanting to see a photo of this happy little guy!


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