My Dad

Sorry I’ve been quite on here the last few days. A lot has been going on in my life and I’ve really had to just focus on it more than most things! 

I had a wonderful time in Norway with the girls. They are fantastic. But this post is dedicated to my amazing Dad! He’s always been there for me, really supportive (though he thinks I deserve better in life than I do haha), and genuinely one of the kindest people around! 

A week ago he was diagnosed with something that has really changed the way my family and I view things… He has stomach cancer. This came as a horrible shock to the whole family, as none of us could really imagine our lives without him, and I’d sooner have my Dad alive and well than anything else in the universe right now. 

He is a tough old biscuit and I’m hoping that the operation he’s having next week… which is removing part of his colon and of course the tumour… is successful. We don’t think it’s spread anywhere else, but the doctors did think they saw something on a scan last week, which today… didn’t show up! 

Anyway, I’m sure everyone reading this knows someone or loved someone that has had cancer. For me… my entire family have more or less, and one of my best friends! It’s ridiculous how ‘popular‘ it seems to be the last few years. I really do wish someone with a good understanding and knowledge of cells would destroy it! 
There are over 200 types of cancer humans can get… which doesn’t sound like much, but they’re evil and somehow (I don’t even know how) we haven’t found a cure yet…!

Anyway… my dad wrote this lovely message to everyone, and I wanted to share it with the world as it’s really nice to have someone so positive in my life, even at a time when most people would be a mess!

I’m sure this old fart will be fit and healthy soon… I promised him a fancy car and house when he gets old… and a Blackall never breaks their promise!

Love you lots Dad x x x 


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