Coffee on a Monday 

I’m currently sat sipping a strong cup of soya coffee, looking out over Oslo airport, wrapped up in a pink pashmina with my coat draped across my knees. It’s so cold today. 

I woke up at 4am to get ready to fly back to the UK. Aurora drove me down to the coach stop as it was so bitterly cold outside, and we sat in her warm car whilst we waited for the coach. 

There’s a very loud obnoxious American sat opposite me on his phone, speaking (through his headphones) about screwing over his friends to get what he wants. He’s occasionally glancing at me as if I should be attracted to him or impressed… Hm

It’s a good day today, because I feel like I needed this rest in Norway. I needed the time to get away from everything and spend some time with two of my best friends. I love being around Aurora and Kaja, they are down to earth and have a similar mindset to me. Everyone always puts a lot of expectation and pressure on themselves unnecessarily, and it would be a lot easier for society if each individual stepped back – looked at their life and stopped stressing and let things ‘just be’.

I’ve more recently been of the mindset that we should relax and let life take its course instead of trying to control everything and tell ourselves things that aren’t actually correct, or are going to affect us in a negative way down the line. If I want to do something or love someone or don’t enjoy my job, I will make sure I do something to ensure I do what I want too, tell the person I love them or quit my job to find a career or company that fit me and my lifestyle. 

I have a very proactive state of mind, and the ability to relax and let things happen in life. I’m spontaneous and optimistic and really look forward to the good things that are offered to me, even in the most awkward and unlikely circumstances.  

Finally, the American man has moved… I bet I’m sat next to him on the plane! It’s just my luck! But if I am, I’ll put my headphones in, close my eyes and drift off into another world until the plane lands safely at my next destination.

I think for many people, they over think their lives and situations and don’t look at the bigger picture and how insignificant they are in reality to the world. Yes, we are all the most important person in the world (just as important as the person sitting next to you), but we are at the same time insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Because of that, try to make your insignificance significant. Life is a journey, and that journey is more fun when you have someone next to you to do it with – even if the situation may seem bad, it more often than not isn’t!


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