Oslo 🇳🇴

I love Oslo so much! Visiting the girls, and the city… The country of Norway really, is just so relaxing and wonderful. 

I’ve had a lot of change the last few weeks with my Dad getting stomach cancer, and me changing careers (completely), and feeling a bit confused with other things and people who I just can’t get my head around, so this break was much needed for me!

Yesterday I spent the day more or less on my own, visiting the Hendrik Ibsen museum which was amazing! I met a lovely lady there from the UK who lives in Oxford and works as a film professor at the university of Warwick! We had a really nice chat and had a lot in common (obviously) so that was funny! I spent so much time walking around the city and exploring the Royal Parks. It was glorious, and I now know the city well enough not to use a map! 

Today Kaja and myself went to the Norwgian folk museum which is a 25 minute bus trip outside of the city. The museum is so amazing and we felt as though we had fallen back through a time portal to all these different places, as you can walk through Norway over the years and go inside some beautiful original houses. 

Last night Kaja made some dark chocolate Lava cake for Sara and me (we saved some for Aurora, who I’m shortly off to see!). It’s almost tradition that Kaja makes this for us which is fun.

Here are some photos of the trip so far for you all to enjoy!


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