An Autumn weekend!


I’m so, so pleased to announce officially that Autumn is here! I have photographic evidence of this, and it makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside knowing it.

I went for a walk on my own this evening to Holland Park, as one of my goals is to get much fitter before my 26th birthday! It was beautiful, I find something strangely romantic and wonderful about the Autumn. It’s so colourful in many ways, and always cold and dark which I adore! Many people ask my why I like it so cold and why I like it so dark. The simple reasons are: fire places & cosy jumpers and blankets! It’s also an amazing excuse for me to wear all my fantastic boots, which are always too hot in the summer months.

This afternoon I spent time with someone extremely special to me, and no I’m still not going to say who – even though they’d probably secretly love it. It was so nice to be with them before they run off on their year long adventure abroad! But I’ve been asked to visit them, so I’m sure I’ll have loads of photos I will post to my Instagram page.

Kew Gardens Saturday

I had a wonderful day out with my friend Jon yesterday in Kew Gardens! It was amazing!! Even though the weather was wet and windy, we kept our British stiff upper lip and enjoyed the day.

It was great of Jon to come up to London yesterday to see me,l. I’ve been having a lot of tough stuff going on recently in my private life, and it’s been really hard to get out or do anything other than stay in my room and work, or spending far too much time in hospitals recently (Which is only going to increase).

Kew is so beautiful and it has been on my todo list for a while. I had asked my ex boyfriend if he would like to go there a few months ago, and he wasn’t interested. So it’s great I’ve finally been able to visit!

The gardens are immaculate, colourful and vibrant. The greenhouses are beautiful, timeless and extremely warm which I love! They were full to the edges with all types of flowers, trees, plants, cactuses and even lily-pads! It was amazing to spend the day there, we got the chance to see a new addition to the gardens which is called ‘the hive’. It’s a human sized honey-bee structure which is somehow connected to a nearby beehive, and you can hear and feel the vibrations and noises of the bees as if you were inside their give for real! It was quite cool.

After this we went for a walk to Japan, then down a really long ‘canopy’ of trees…to the end where we came across the most beautiful palace (life sized dolls house)! It was raining quite hard so we rushed into the house and dried off, and got to explore the pretty insides of this George the 3rd palace…

Here are some photos of my autumnal day at Kew…

Artsy shot of Jon
King George the 3rd’s Palace in Kew. 
Itl looks like a pink pineapple!
Periwinkle flower. These are wonderful flowers that have helped to cure people from Leukaemia and other cancers.
Inside the Hive
The Hive from the outside
Pink Orchid
Rainbow Orchids
Jon and I
Paper Flowers (real flowers, feels like tissue paper)
This was a walk way covered in flowers
I wanted to sit on one so much! But Jon said I am too heavy…
Japanese Garden
In the roof of the green house
On the balcony.


Ginko Tree!

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