Do we have magic?

This is a controversial blog, as most people will read the title and assume I’m barking mad, and swoosh around my house with smudge sticks and crystals.

Whilst I do love crystals and do actually have four on my bedside table, it is more for comfort and the fact I think they are pretty than believing they will save me.

So, I am writing this blog as I was just in Sainsbury’s doing my shopping when  I turned a corner and thought about everything flying off the shelves and how funny that would be. At the precise moment a huge carton of milk fell of the shelf and exploded onto the floor. The store assistant close by came round the corner and stood at the opposite end of the isle to me and instantly asked me if I was a witch – completely seriously!
CEgGIfMWoAASMmYThis was genuinely my face when he said that. I laughed and he said ‘no seriously, that was no-where near the front!’. As I shrugged it off and walked to get myself some Sainsbury’s own cereal (because I am a stingy middle class white girl), he watched me walk past and moved back with Scared-Cata look of fear on his face!

I have had a few times in life where weird things like that have happened to me and I’ve never really thought much of it. When I was at school I used to get called a witch all the time by a few of the boys in my year. It wasn’t a very nice experience, but at the same time I did have purple hair and wear really dark makeup… So I probably did look a little scary to them!

The other day, my dad was out working for a few days and staying over night in a hotel. I said to Mum to give him a ring as I feeling he was going to be back early, and as soon as she walked out the room the phone rang and it was my Dad saying he was going to be home early. Mum said she didn’t find that weird at all and I had always had this weird way of knowing things before they happened, and she was the same! Another thing I am really good with (but I am sure a few people would disagree unless they read my diary) is knowing about people. I am usually a really good judge of character and 9/10 times right about someone. Psychology has really started to interest me a lot over the last year, as I have experienced a lot of people who genuinely convince themselves of things or have a really bizarre way of behaving.

I spoke to one of my good friends last night for about an hour on the phone. I came up with a list of things that we look out for in new people we meet, and what red flags show up which tells us to ‘close that shit down’ (as she put it).

10 types of people to avoid…

  1. People who refuse to have their photo taken – What are you hiding?
  2. People who refuse to put anything on social media – delete it then, weirdo!
  3. People who constantly change plans or cancel on you for NO reason.
  4. People who won’t introduce you to their friends or family (even if they are just a friend).
  5. People who don’t like dogs… Get out my life!
  6. People who do drugs. Is your life really that bad that you have to use mind altering substances to make yourself feel better?
  7. People who say ‘It just doesn’t feel right’ – erm, neither does straining on the loo, but you’ll get through it… don’t stop!
  8. People who only want you when there is no-one better around. I hate you.
  9. People who can only be social when drunk, I’m 25 – I like to sit in my house and drink tea. Don’t judge.
  10. Anyone who is genuinely racist or feminist – or anything ist…

Now I’m quite intense as a person and will often notice all of these things right away – and overlook them and try to see the good in them. I now know someones right for me as a friend or lover when I get through all these things and not one of them has shown up. I used to want to fix these types of things in people, but have since realised that you can’t actually change anything in someone unless they, themselves, want to change. So I just don’t bother anymore, and if someone is like that, then realise we will never be compatible.

I would say my magic trick isn’t the ability to make objects move (though that would be so cool), I also can’t predict the future… But I can see the good in people, and I recognise that above all else and my one skill that I have been working on and I am a bit more stubborn and ruder when someone’s an arse to me now. As I said in a previous post, I am doing this thing where I don’t text people as much and so far I’ve really noticed a difference and realised I have a lot of friends who actually love texting me – and some who never bother. It doesn’t matter if they aren’t as social as me, but I love talking to people and being around them. One of the main things about me is I am happier with other people… So maybe that is why I am so good with my magical socialising trick?

What’s your magic trick?



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