Exploring the countryside

 I’ve been having a bit of a bummed out few days because of someone who’s moving away soon, and it isn’t ever easy when they see things differently – even if it’s not the right thing! 

Be that as it may, it’s best to let things take their course and not think about it too much. I’ve been really lucky that I’ve got so many real, awesome friends in my life and I’ve met up with someone different every day since I got back to the countryside! 

Today I saw Morgan! She’s one of my favourite people to be around as she doesn’t judge or care about things and is very relaxed and never stops me being myself, and usually laughs at my singing in the car! 

We went to lunch, as a few of the other girls were busy… The went to meet Simon (and his mum briefly) for a little spontaneous afternoon. We went to a really beautiful old pumping station in the middle of nowhere and had tea / cool drinks and cake, and had a really awesome afternoon. 

The sun was so beautiful and hot today in the country, that I’ve actually got a bit burnt / tanned and didn’t have a jumper on, which isn’t like me at all. 


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