Jumper weather 

My favourite time of year in the UK, will always be Autumn. I love those orange leaves the cool dark days and the beautiful mix of colours nature gifts us! I really think cosy jumpers are underrated. I have so many cosy jumpers in all shapes and sizes, and I can’t pick a favourite! 

Cosy oversized knitted jumperer, perfect with skinny jeans and cosy boots!
I love jumpers like this, they’re perfect for autumn dog walks in the country. I also love the head warmer! I can’t wait to get mine out for autumn!

One of the best things about rainy cold autumn days is the fact I can get out a cosy mohair blanket, cuddle up under it in my pyjamas with tea and a good book! That is my idea of bliss. 
Im I am going somewhere nice, or meeting people for the first time, I always like to wear a cream knit jumper with a pretty elegant necklace. I think it looks so pretty and welcoming!

Autumn is that one time of year I really am good at when it comes to fashion and looking pretty. I’m not a huge fan of summer clothes as I find them few and a bit revealing. Below are a few images of different looks I love to go for in the autumn… I always find a cuddly scarf really adds to the cost cute look.

Burgundy knit dress with knee high boots are a perfect weekend outfit!
I love this ice blue knitted dress, its so pretty and really looks sophisticated against the rest of the outfit.
I have more scarves than I care to admit, but they really can change the look of an outfit!
Everyone should have burgundy trousers! I love them!!
Casual country girl.


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