An unexpected dinner

I met up with my friend Trez after work today! We went to Holland Park for a walk as I’ve been promising to take him there for a while. After the park we spontaneously went to the most amazing Italian restaurant run by Andrea Angeletti, a Michelin star chef. I just had to share some amazing photos from the meal.


My main course! It was risotto with truffle oil and a vegetarian hard cheese that had no lactose in! So yummy! I used to hate risotto, but I now really quite like it! It’s super filling though.
Enjoying his cheeky red and yellow pepper soup!
The soup was amazing! We also had wild garlic and oil fresh bread!
This was cooked fresh for us! It was warm from the oven!
Happy chap! Half way through our meal (which we were having alone, as there was no-one else in our section of the restaurant which was amazing) a pianist came in and started playing. We both said how amazing this restaurant would be to take someone on a first date.
Trez and I in Holland park!
Compliments of the chef! It was vegetarian especially for me! I felt so lucky! It was amazing!

It was great to have a catch up, and most certainly an experience to go somewhere so cool with one of my friends!


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