25 things to do before my 26th birthday


This blog post has been inspired by my amazing friend Livi. 

jump livi

I love Livi to bits! She’s been a really great and supportive friend the last few years and always ends up making me laugh (usually at her fiancé, and my friend, Rich’s expense)!

We were just having a bit of a chat, and catch up on Facebook messenger when Livi told me about a book that she read a few years ago called the ‘Wish List’ by Jane Costello. The book is about a girl called Emma who is about to turn 30. Emma hasn’t achieved half the things in her life that she wanted too, so her and her friends decide to make a wish list! I haven’t read the book myself, but I am very tempted too now I have spoken to Livi about it!

Anyway, the reason for this post is, I have a lot of energy, my mind is always switched on and I find it impossibly hard to switch off. I have to do something exciting and energetic to stop me from going insane, (apparently this means I am super intelligent… I beg to differ, I trip over my own feet far too often) and so I have decided that this is a fantastic way of ensuring I actually do a few things I have always wanted too.

I am not going to write them all out on here for the world to see, as I will most probably get a lot of people asking me if I have completed any of them yet. This is something I want to do for me, and me alone, I am going to be completely and utterly selfish in this regard (even though I am sure half my list will be to help other people or animals, but arguably that is selfish as it makes me happy to d0). 

The reason I have decided to do 25 things before I am 26 is because I am currently and very recently 25, so it seems fitting to do 25 things this year and 26 next… (and so on until I am 30). 25 is actually quite a lot for me to be getting on with, as some of these things are going to take time and dedication for be to complete, and I am certain that you’ll all notice a huge difference in me after a few months of completing this.

For me, money and work aren’t going to necessarily be a priority on the list. For example: I  would most likely write ‘find a career so you never have to work a day in your life’, or ‘want for nothing’… My parents have brought me up so well, I have an extremely close knit family with amazing brothers…saying that… my younger one is constantly saying I have a bum the size of a planet… and then persists to pick me up and move me round the house if I annoy him without my agreement… OR trains the dog to paw my tea into my lap… He’s a terror of a little brother really, just remember girls. They might be your little brother, but they grow up bigger than you and end up getting you back for all the times you put dress’ on them and made them play babies or princess’! Anyway, I digress!

Wish me luck on my journey of 25 challenges to myself over the next year, and feel free to join me by starting your own! It will be scary, terrify you and you will want to run away from it, but at the end of the year – you will be a new and better person!

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